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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

For most, the famous activewear brand Adidas probably sparks memories of the iconic (and slightly infamous) black and white Superstar sneakers that were synonymous with fashion in the late 2010s. But just as fast as they came into popularity, they were gone. Recently, however, this German-based athletic brand has been receiving another major uptick in popularity, which might be due partially to their recent collaborations with high-end brands, like Gucci, as well as their increase in association with many popular celebrities. Harry Styles, for example, has made his signature shoe for his Love on Tour concerts the Adidas x Gucci Gazelle sneakers. Popular Puerto Rican rapper, Bad Bunny, also recently released a collaboration shoe with the sportswear brand, solidifying Adidas’ name amongst the fan bases of many popular artists.

Within the past year, many fashion influencers, like Hailey Bieber, Rhianna, Emma Chamberlain, Devon Lee Carlson, Kendall Jenner, and probably most notably, Bella Hadid, have made an assortment of inexpensive Adidas sneakers a staple in their off-duty wardrobe. Below, I’ve compiled three Adidas picks that won’t break the bank.

1) Sambas

If you spend your time investigating the Instagram pages of your favorite fashion influencers or pining through Pinterest boards in search of outfit inspiration for the upcoming fashion seasons, then you’re probably no stranger to the Adidas Sambas, as pictured above on ASOS’ Instagram post. It seems that these shoes are inescapable when looking at the most popular current styles. Initially designed in the 1950s as a soccer shoe, these savvy sneakers were revitalized by skaters in the 1990s, which explains the current retro ’90s associations with the Sambas. For $75, these shoes can give any outfit that off-duty model look that seems to be the focal point of most trending items as of late.

2) Forums

Another popular pick from Adidas’ shoe catalog in mainstream fashion is the Adidas Forum sneakers. These basketball shoes were popularized when they were worn by Michael Jordan in 1984 during the basketball trials for the Los Angeles Olympics. In 2020, Adidas finally re-released them under their Adidas Original line. Their iconic velcro strap, originally designed for ankle support, now serves to add a unique and retro element. Sported by style influencers, like Devon Lee Carlson in her Instagram post above, these shoes have made their way onto the wishlists of many who want to steal this ’80s-reminiscent style for their own closet.

3) Velosambas

While the Sambas and the Forums are most likely to be seen styled in the coming months, it won’t be uncommon to see any Adidas sneakers, especially retro-looking ones, effortlessly paired with fashionable fits. Celebrities, like Emma Chamberlain, are breaking out of the box and exploring more niche options. In her Instagram post above, Emma Chamberlain can be seen wearing the Adidas Velosambas, a shoe not often seen worn in the context of mainstream fashion. Other influencers are also seen styling unlikely Adidas shoes, which is good news for the brand. Unlike the fad of the Adidas Superstars that this generation experienced only a bit over half a decade ago, which died out as fast as it came, the broadening trends of Adidas sneakers as a whole means that the brand has a more stable foothold in the fashion industry.

If you find yourself craving some new kicks this year, consider investing in a pair of Adidas, because, unlike other trendy shoes, you can rely on the longevity of their stylishness.

Sophia is a journalism major at the University of Connecticut. She loves writing, watching movies, and online shopping.