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Club Spotlight: Her Campus UConn!

Clearly, if you’re reading this article you have heard of Her Campus UConn to some extent! The question is, do you really know what Her Campus is?

Her Campus UConn is an all-female club where we do much more than just write articles. This group promotes a sense of female empowerment through bonding activities, discussions about our lives, the positives and negatives of social life, academics, and more. We meet every Wednesday to brainstorm article ideas, talk about current and upcoming events, and occasionally snack on yummy treats together (especially around the holidays).

One bonding activity that we did recently that was particularly fun and engaging was where we got into groups and had three minutes to try to guess what song a list of emojis represented. For example, for the song Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish, the emojis were an ocean and an eye. These bonding activities are a great way to meet other girls who share some of the same interests as you.

My favorite thing about Her Campus UConn is that new article ideas are always welcome and accepted and the group environment gives off an “empowered women empower women” vibe. We are always cheering each other on and supporting the work of all fellow group members. Article topics range from discussing current fashion trends to finding healthy ways to cope with the stress of college, and more serious worldly events, such as sustainability and climate change. 

If you like to write and are interested in women’s empowerment, consider applying to be a member of Her Campus UConn next semester!

Hi! I'm Lilly, and I am a senior communications major at the University of Connecticut.
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