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Chris Bortolan ’15

Name: Chris Bortolan

Chris is a senior at UConn double majoring in Accounting and Communications.
After college plans: Accountant in Hartford
Ideal date: Dinner and stargazing
One article of clothing you can’t live without: I have enough sweaters to wear a different one every day of the month and never repeat one, I’m friggen obsessed
Activities on campus: Alpha Kappa Psi, Rush us!! We’re kind of awesome
Chris posing outside of the Chemistry Building for Alpha Kappa Psi formal in 2014.
Positions held/jobs: I just finished my year-long term as Vice President for AKPsi in December
Three qualities a significant other should have: Funny, optimistic, and all around awesome
Where can we find you on a typical Friday night? Passed out in the bushes near Thirsty’s 
Coffee or tea: Iced coffee! 
Nickel night or 50 cent pitchers: Nickel night never ends well for me, so definitely 50 cent pitchers. But this new $3 mixed drink pitcher at Thirsty’s sounds like a blessing and a curse to me and my liver
Jealous much?
Favorite movie: The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Favorite artist: Easy question, Miley
Favorite thing about UConn: Honestly everything at UConn is awesome, I’m going to miss Storrs very much when I graduate. 
Most memorable moment at UConn so far: Although I can’t say I remember most of it (damn Celeron pregame), the National Championship was incredible
Favorite place to grab a bite on campus: Oriental Café. The rice is great, but the scorpion bowls are even better.
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