Celebrating Valentine's Day in a LDR

February 14th: the infamous date that is hated by singles and loved by lovers. But what happens when your Valentine is in another state or even country? When you’re in a LDR, or long distance relationship, Valentine’s Day becomes an emotional and complex holiday that can only be described in one way: through gifs, of course.

When people complain about not seeing their boyfriend/girlfriend and it’s only been a few days:

Jealously (and drunkenly) looking at couples post perfect pictures of their dinner dates:

How romantic it is when the wifi drops out during Facetime:

Snuggling with your pets and pretending it’s a person:

Bitterly walking past couples on your way to the nearest packy for cheap wine:

While you love saving money on presents….

...you also hate not receiving any:

Sending so many emoji kisses instead of being able actually kiss:


(Just don’t wear capris to the gym...)

Spending Valentine’s Day with the true love of your life... your mom:

Realizing how difficult it is to be sexy via text:

Shamelessly releasing all your emotions at the gym (which will be absolutely empty, by the way):

After a day filled with Barefoot and bear hugs from mom, you realize how materialistic Valentine's Day has become. You two don't need store-bought roses or Russel Stover's; you simply have each other, and that's all you need.

Happy Valentine's Day to all those in LDRs!