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The Cast of “Friends” if They Were UConn Students

We’ve grown up watching them on our TV screens, but what would it be like if these fabulous six were fellow UConn Huskies? 


Rachel Green:

Rachel is most likely on the cheerleading team here at UConn. She’s also that girl in class that always has a perfect outfit, hair, and makeup even when it’s a Monday morning 8:00 a.m. lecture. She knows exactly when the bookstore is having flash sales so she can be the first to take advantage. She’s always on her way to some class, meeting, or get-together with friends so you’ll only catch her in the Student Union every once in a while when she’s in the mood for a smoothie (other than that she wouldn’t be caught dead there). Guys really try to flirt with her, but she only gives them the time of day if she knows they can guarantee her a date at Chuck & Augie’s. 

Joey Tribbiani:

Joey doesn’t really know what he’s majoring in, but he seems to be enjoying one of the drama courses his advisor told him to take. In the meantime, he spends most of his day sitting in the Union with the rest of his frat, not really doing anything except for eating and chanting obnoxiously about Harambe. He flirts with most of the girls he sees, but nothing really comes of it because he isn’t willing to have a girlfriend who he’d have to spend points on in the U or even worse, share food with. He only goes to the library when he hears they’re selling donuts in the lobby. Class and studying aren’t really his thing, but he doesn’t miss any sporting events.  He and his friend Chandler go all out on the body paint and constantly lead everyone in the UConn Huskies chant. 

Monica Geller: 

She’s Rachel’s roommate and best friend even though they’re not very similar. She spends most of her morning cleaning up the mess of clothes and makeup Rachel leaves in their dorm. If she isn’t color-coding her sock drawer or something of the sort, you may catch her at McMahon Dining Hall.  She’ll probably be the one arguing with the servers over the presentation of their plates. She spends most of her Husky Bucks on cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer. She likes to stay low-key, but every once in a while Rachel convinces her to go out to a frat party, but she spends the entire time stressed over the dusty surfaces and dirty bathrooms. That’s why she spends most of her weekends sober driving with Chandler. 

Chandler Bing: 

No one really knows what Chandler is majoring in but he goes to all of his classes so he must be doing something right. When he isn’t sober driving with Monica, he likes to stay in with his buddies, but that doesn’t stop him from popping by Late Night for some wings. Every time he goes, his friends sign him up for karaoke and he ends up humiliating himself with a horrible rendition of some old Miley Cyrus song which he casually happens to know every word to. 

Phoebe Buffay: 

Phoebe leads sunset yoga on Horsebarn Hill whenever she can. When she isn’t busy doing that, she likes to sit in the quad and play her guitar.  She even performs original songs at open mic nights on campus. She’s also very passionate about animal rights so she protests chicken wing day in the dining halls because she believes that anyone who eats animals is risking the safety of the world. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can catch her handing out her latest mixtape on Fairfield Way.

Ross Geller: 

Monica’s older (and less popular) brother. He spends most of his life in Homer Babbidge and hasn’t set foot in the gym since he took that tour during freshman orientation. He’s a complete and total klutz and he trips everytime he goes up the stairs in his 300-person lecture hall. However, not all heroes wear capes and Ross’s clumsiness benefits the rest of the student body, considering he’s usually the one responsible for minor explosions in science buildings gets everybody else out of class. Thanks, Ross. 


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