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Brangelina is No More and We’re All Trying to Keep it Together

You thought you were going to have a good Tuesday but then CNN’s Breaking News Twitter account ruined it for everyone announcing that Angelina had filed for divorce from Brad.


You instantly flash back to the good days of Mr. and Mrs. Smith where it all began.


Remembering the sheer love that existed between them that made you ugly cry for weeks.


Loving it when their family started getting bigger…


…and bigger…


…and bigger.


When they finally had the wedding we ALL waited for.


All the rumors and gossip we selectively ignored throughout the years, believing in their love.


That one movie none of us actually saw but pretended to love because they were both in it (lol).


Searching for any more info we can find and sifting through all of the irrelevant Jennifer Aniston memes (we still love you, J!).


When you think about how Brad is single now…


But more importantly, that Angie is single and being the beautiful independent woman we fell in love with on Girl, Interrupted.


Thinking about the kids & how celebrities have no privacy and how hard this must be for them all.


But still wondering about all the juicy drama to come that will get you through your midterms…

In any case, we’re rooting for Brangelina to come to peaceful terms regardless of what they may be. (But don’t hold back on the bad-bitch action movies, Ang; we live for those). 



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