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The Best Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day (When You’re Single)

It’s coming, again. The day that every couple looks forward to all year, and that makes every single girl roll her eyes and groan: Valentine’s Day.


As someone who’s about to celebrate her twenty-first Valentine’s Day without a significant other to be nauseatingly cute with on campus, I can assure you that there are a ton of ways to get through – and even enjoy – that disgustingly sweet holiday, without wondering (once again) if you’ll ever find a boyfriend as dependable and long-term as your vibrator.


Spend It With Your Friends

No doubt you and your bestie have been alone together on Valentine’s Day before, and you’ll probably go through it again sooner or later. It doesn’t have to be a sad day – grab a few of your single friends, load up on comfort food and trashy TV, and remind each other why you would rather be alone together than with that ex that broke your heart, anyway.



Go Out

What better way to celebrate your single status than going to the bar? You know everybody there is single too. The drinks are good, the guys are unattached, and the music is too loud to remember why you were upset in the first place. The fact that Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday this year means that this is what UConn’s been training you for since you got here. We all know why Huskies is open until 1am on weeknights.


Take a “Me” Day

You know better than anyone what you would want your significant other to do for you this year. So what if you don’t have one? Buy yourself some chocolate, get your favorite delivery food, and turn on that one rom-com that never fails to make you smile. Be your own boyfriend this year.


So when you walk to class this Wednesday, sick from all the pink decorations and couples holding hands everywhere you look, don’t get upset that you’re going back to your room alone later. Having someone else around isn’t everything, and you can make your day romantic all by yourself. This Valentine’s Day, be your own date. You’ll do it better than half your future boyfriends, anyway.


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