Best Study Spots at UConn

Finals week is upon us which means it's just about time to start pulling all-nighters in the library. Or is it? Nothing against my man Homer Babbidge, but the library is literally the last place I want to be during finals. It's quiet I guess, but it also radiates stress from everyone there. In all honesty, studying is probably going to be annoying no matter where you do it, but you certainly don't need to make it worse by spending endless hours in a place that seems to suck out your soul. I find that studying outside can make it almost enjoyable? Okay, enjoyable might be a stretch, but it makes it tolerable at the very least. I'll admit outdoors aren't very conducive to a worn out computer battery, but act like you're really going to get an outlet in the library anyway... 

If you're looking to try out an alternative to the lib this year, give one of these places a go!

Mirror Lake

Storrs Center

Benton Museum Shade Garden Patio

Student Union Terrace