Best Snacks to Buy at Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's is a fresh and organic food galore that always has cheerful employees rocking Hawaiian shirts... what could be a better environment to shop in? With so many options of food at TJ's, I never walk out of there without spending a ton of money, and it's usually just on snacks. With so many options to choose from, here are some of the top sellers (and personal favorites) you should keep an eye out for next time you hit up TJ’s…


  1. Jo Jo’s: A definite Oreo rip-off, but definitely just as or even more delicious. These come in multiple flavors depending on the changing seasons.

  2. Wasabi peas: For those who are craving more of a flavorful (and even sinus cleaning!) snack, these are for you.

  3. Coconut cashews: You’re gonna have to put a limit on how many of these sweet and crunchy nuts  you can eat or you’re gonna definitely go through the whole bag in a day.

  4. Dried mango: There are even choices of both sweetened and unsweetened depending on your palate!

  5. Peanut butter filled pretzels: such a staple in the snack business, but Trader Joe’s has outdone themselves again with this delicious, creamy and nutty snack.

  6. Seaweed packs: For only 99 cents each, these seaweed packs are a perfect little snack to-go and comes in regular and wasabi flavors.

  7. Kitty cookies: A true staple of almost everyone’s childhood, these precious cat cookies come in all different flavors (and kitty positions as well!)

  8. Mochi: Definitely more of a dessert but these little balls of Asian ice cream are a perfect cure of any sweet tooth.  

  9. Sweet, Savory, and Tart Trek Mix: The name describes itself, perfect for a snack between class or even a weekend hike to Diana’s Pool!

  10. Pumpkin O’s: While these are a seasonal treat, these flavored snacks are best (and only available during the fall months) and definitely one of the more popular pumpkin snacks.

  11. Banana chips: Yeah, you heard me, dried sliced bananas, perfect substitute for any unhealthy chips or cookies and still getting a delicious crunchy snack.

  12. Cookie Dough Butter: You can make anything a snack if you put your heart (and spoon) into it. ;)