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Best Holiday Movies Ranked

(7) The Polar Express (2004)

From great casting in Tom Hanks to unique animation style and feel-good story line, it is hard to go wrong with this 2004 modern holiday classic. Watching it takes you back to understanding the great feeling of joy that comes with believing and hoping- in Christmas- or in anything.


(6) Elf (2003)

Yet another modern Christmas classic that is both heart warming and funny, ‘Elf’ is sure to catch your attention any time it’s on and will help you see there is a little bit of Buddy the Elf in all of us.


(5) Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer(1964)

A true classic in its own right, this flick has spawned so many songs, sequels, and themes in holiday pop culture that its almost impossible not to include it on a Best Holiday movies list. Though there have been more than adequate re-makes of the story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, nothing beats the simplistic and powerful message of the original.



(4) A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

Part of a Christmas-based TV special, this flick explores the struggles of Charlie Brown as he battles with sadness and depressive states in the midst of a supposedly joyous time. It is not until he learns the true and simple meaning of Christmas that he is able to let go of his mental struggles for a time and just enjoy the celebration. This is a film we all can relate to and learn from on some level



(3) How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

This film is the result of what happens when you combine the talents of Ron Howard, the wits and comedy of Jim Carrey, and a classic tale of the power of love to transform even the hardest of hearts. Clever, touching, and hilarious, this movie will leave you both entertained and maybe even inspired to be a little kinder and generous to your neighbors, family, and friends. 





(2)  The Little Drummer Boy (1968)

Though it is old, it is pure gold. Though the animation seems almost comical by today’s standards, the timeless story behind it is anything but. If you have not yet watched this short, made-for-TV film, it would be wise to do so and follow poor shepherd boy Aaron on his journey to discovering how selfless love is truly the greatest gift of all.



(1) Home Alone (1990)

It is very hard to mention the holiday  season culture and not think of the Home Alone series, and in particular the first film of the series. It follows the story of young Kevin whose family mistakenly leaves him behind home alone as they go on a Christmas vacation and his subsequent mishaps and fun that follow. Not to mention he has to act quick to outsmart two whimsical robbers who at every turn do not seem a match for young Kevin. In the end, you will be laughing, amused, and also convinced of the importance of family and home during the holiday season. It tops off our list as the best holiday movie.




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Happy Holidays! 


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