Best Dressed: The Golden Globes

Many of us tuned in to the Golden Globes, and from the very beginning, aka, Jimmy Fallon’s amazing cold open (which included an homage to Barb from Stranger Things! #JusticeForBarb), we knew we were in for a great night. I, for one, love awards shows like these, as it allows you to lose yourself in the world of the rich and famous until it ends, and you realize that you’re just drinking wine in your prom dress, but that’s okay guys, IT’S THE GOLDEN GLOBES!

One of the best parts of awards shows like these are the iconic fashion moments, and because it was the Golden Globes, stars from movies, TV and music were on the red carpet and they all looked pretty fantastic.

I have compiled a Top 10(ish) list of my personal interpretation of the most amazing looks (and trends) that were seen at the Golden Globes.  Though no dress or suit could outshine the breathtaking speech given by Meryl Streep (or that kiss between Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynolds tbh), there were some definite standout looks on the red carpet.


1. Evan Rachel Wood & Octavia Spencer

I’m kicking off this list by bowing down to Evan for her choice of ensemble. This suit fits her perfectly, is bold (especially with her hair style), and allowed her to remain comfortable and true to herself. She expressed that she wore the suit in order to show young girls and women that “dresses aren’t a requirement” and that the only requirements should be that you feel comfortable and love what you're wearing. She also wore the suit as an homage to the late (and incomparable) David Bowie, and that in itself is fantastic. Another star who rocked a suit was Octavia Spencer! She absolutely slayed in a gorgeous navy blue suit that was tailored to perfection (complete with matching heels). We don’t often see plus-size women in suits at awards shows, as plus-size women, unfortunately, are much more often criticized for taking “fashion risks”. I think that Octavia’s entire look was fantastic, and I hope that Hollywood and the fashion world take note and begin to recognize that plus-size women are just as capable of rocking a suit as anyone else.


2. Emma Stone

I actually gasped when I first saw this dress on Emma. Not only does she look absolutely gorgeous in it, but the dress itself is a mix of delicate silver stars against a blush pink background which worked so well, particularly with her hair color and the jewelry she wore. The best part however, was how she described the dress when interviewed on the red carpet saying, “It’s pink and there are stars on it!” That it is Emma, that it is.


3. Gina Rodriguez

In a fantastic twist that surprises absolutely no one, sparkly-silver was HUGE on the Golden Globes red carpet. Pretty much everyone was wearing some facet of the trend, however, a few stars truly outshone the rest, including Gina Rodriguez. She channeled old Hollywood, flapper-era glam like no one else, while simultaneously looking modern and sexy thanks to the deep V-neck of the dress.

Three other stars who looked fantastic in silver: Drew Barrymore, Sofia Vergara, and Tracee Ellis Ross, all of whom kicked the trend up a notch by choosing boldly-cut dresses and accessorizing with amazing jewelry. Tracee literally could have knocked me out with those insane rings and I probably would have woken up looking ten times better than I do now, that’s how beautiful they were. Additionally, HUGE congratulations to Tracee for being the first black woman to win a Golden Globe in the Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy TV Series category since 1982Black-ish is an amazing show and she completely deserved the award.


4. Lola Kirke

Lola’s dress is a fantastic example of how to do a loud print. Her gorgeous silky pink dress is a classic ball gown shape with a sweetheart neckline and is simple enough in its design that the lovely pansies covering it don’t overpower the dress as a whole.

Additionally, Lola wore a pin on her dress that said “Fuck Paul Ryan” and honestly, that in itself is more than enough to put her on my best dressed list.


5. Brie Larson

Red gowns were (oddly) less popular at the Golden Globes this year, however, Brie’s dress more than made up for their absence by being all we ever needed. From the hip-hugging cut of the gown, to the deep jewel-tone color to the embellishments on the sides of the dress, the entire look was effortless and totally old-Hollywood glamour. The look was a far cry from the very mid-2000s baby-doll tank top and denim shorts she wore in the movie Hoot, which, to this very day is still the only role that I mentally associate Brie Larson with… sorry Brie.


6. Priyanka Chopra 

When Priyanka came on screen I literally screamed at my mother, “MOM I THINK SHE’S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PERSON I’VE EVER SEEN,” to which my mother replied, “Please calm down you’re scaring the dog”. And yes, maybe I overreacted, but looking at this dress, I honestly think both my mom and my dog under-reacted, because Priyanka is glowing and looks like an absolute queen.  Everything from the shimmering gold dress to her flawless hair and makeup is just stunning.


7. Mandy Moore, Kristen Bell & Susan Kelechi Watson

And on tonight’s episode of: “who wore the best black dress?” I honestly can’t choose between these beauties, who all took the concept of the LBD (is it long black dress in this case?) to new heights. Mandy’s plunging neckline (another major trend) and sheer cape added serious glamour to her otherwise simple black gown. Kristen’s dress was head to toe snazzy sequins, and although she also opted for the bold plunging neckline, the square, almost menswear inspired cut combined with the gown’s long-sleeves, was a bold way to wear a this look. Susan’s (who stars alongside Mandy in everyone’s new favorite show This Is Us) dress was amazing, with a classic long train, black sequins, and a fit that was effortlessly formed to her body.


8. Issa Rae

Issa’s ethereal pure-white gown was a fantastic fashion moment of the night. The gown’s embellished texture, long sleeves, and high neck, combined with its brilliant color made it a truly unforgettable and unique look.  Issa’s beautiful hair, earrings, and smile added exactly the right finishing touches.


9. The Stranger Things Kids

Honestly, you can fight me if you think that ANYONE on the red carpet looked half as good as the kids from Stranger Things. Their looks stole the show. From the way the boys coordinated their suits to Millie Bobby Brown’s stunning tea-length silver dress, these young stars truly brought it in terms of wardrobe, and man did it pay off.

Additionally, possibly the most adorable child I have ever seen was in attendance last night, and looking particularly snazzy: Sunny Pawar!  After starring in his own movie at the ripe old age of 8, Sunny graced us all with his adorable presence and I truly believe we are all better for it. Additionally, we got to watch him hold hands with the gorgeous Dev Patel, who plays the adult version of Sunny in the amazing movie Lion, which made me, as well as much of Twitter, explode with many, many feelings


10. The being devoid of any and all human flaws: Meryl Streep

I honestly wasn’t sure if I could put Meryl Streep on this list, simply because I don’t know if she’s human. Could someone so perfect in every conceivable way who gives such tasteful, thoughtful and yet bad-ass speeches possibly be real? The jury is still out on that, but in any case, I can without a doubt say that she looked fantastic. Her black gown was embellished with large jewels and fit her perfectly.  Combined with her swept-up hair and glasses, she was the picture of elegance.


BONUS: The Men

I felt that I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the collective “men” here, as so many of them looked amazing on the red carpet. When compared to glitzy ball gowns and diamond knuckle rings, suits often, understandably, get lost in the shuffle. However, a few standouts who truly elevated their looks were Donald Glover, Ryan Gosling, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.  All of these men made their suits interesting by choosing non-traditional fabrics and colors.

Another non-traditional look? DEV PATEL’S SNAIL SOCKS. Oh AND he matched Sunny. This had me SHOOK, guys. I think 2017 has reached peak-level cuteness, I’m calling it now.

Overall, everyone at the Golden Globes looked sensational. Jokes were told, awards were won and I added a bunch of TV shows and movies to my ever-growing things-to-binge-watch-when-I-should-be-doing-homework list, so I would say it was pretty much a win-win for everyone.



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