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The Best Beards in Hollywood

Beards. We know them, we see them, we appreciate them, and they come in all shapes and sizes. They can make or break any guy’s appearance and luckily for these celebs, it makes them look that much more handsome. A beard is only as good as the man sporting it, but if they know what’s best for them, they’ll sport just the right one for all of us to appreciate. 


1.Ryan Reynolds

His decision to fall in love and start a family with the gorgeous Blake Lively isn’t the only positive thing he’s done for himself. Look at how much finer he looks with that beautiful beard framing his perfect face. 


2. Odell Beckham Jr.

You may know him for his one handed catches or his famous dance moves during his games, but more importantly, he has managed to make his beard a staple of who he is and why we love him.

    I mean….look at that glo up…


3. Johnny Depp

Pirate or not, you have to admit his beard suits him with or without the two braids.  Thank you Captain Jack Sparrow for never failing to deliver. 


4. Jared Leto 

He’s a completely different person now and with a face as perfect as that one, he can pull off almost anything. Keep the looks comin Jared, we’re definitely here for it. 


5. Ryan Gosling 

We’re thoroughly convinced that his beard was taken into account by Ali when she decided to take him back in The Notebook. Very smart move Ali, very smart indeed. 


6. Idris Elba

You know that saying “it gets better with time?” Yeah, well it’s totally about Idris… more specifically his beard. 

 …oh and he has a british accent (just sayin’).


7. Brad Pitt

First he divorced Jennifer Aniston, now Brangelina has come to an end, but as long as he never parts ways with his beard, we’ll still root for him. 


8. Ricky Martin

Singer, dancer, bilinguist, and last but not least a true master of the 5 o’clock shadow (alongside his new bf who’s also killing the beard game). 


9. Avan Jogia

He’s come far since his younger years on Nickelodeon, and he’s definitely one of the few people who can sport the subtle mustache this well. 


10. Jake Gyllenhaal 

His mother is a screenwriter, his father is a director, so it was pretty much his destiny to become an A-list Hollywood actor. We’re sure that the fabulous facial hair was meant to be too.


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