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The Best and Worst Things About UConn During Spring Semester

We all know Spring in Connecticut isn’t really a thing. One day you’re wearing leggings and a hoodie, and suddenly the next day calls for shorts and a tank top. But alas, colleges in Connecticut and the rest of New England refer to the second semester of college as the “Spring Semester.” So, here are some of the highs and lows you can expect during your Spring Semester at the University of Connecticut: 

The Worst:

  1. The Bitter Cold 

Well, let’s start with the bad news first. Connecticut isn’t particularly known for the months of January through April. During UConn’s fall semester, you will be sure to see its 20,000 students strolling through campus with a coffee in hand and enjoying the beautiful fall foliage on campus. This happiness even carries on into the Christmas season, where you will see iced coffees replaced by festive Starbucks hot chocolates in the hands of students. Well, Christmas is over, and now the only coffee or hot chocolates you see are the ones spilt on the staircase of the library that people are too lazy to clean up. The majority of UConn’s student body is in hiding, but hopefully we’ll see more liveliness when May comes around. Stay tuned! 

  1. The Wind 

Continuing with the topic of weather, let’s discuss the wind situation on campus. 

Apparently, the master-minds who built UConn decided to base the campus layout off of a school down South that needed more wind to be generated on their campus. So, the university is built in a way that almost resembles a wind tunnel. Now, picture a normal Spring rainstorm happening in the area, but instead of the rain falling straight down like in a normal storm, it is coming sideways at your face because of UConn’s wind tunnel. Amazing. 


The Best: 

  1. Basketball Season 

Not to brag, but UConn has one of the best collegiate basketball programs in the country. Both the women’s and the men’s teams have awesome records at the moment, and there is always a game to go to watch. So, if you are a student or if you’re at a neighboring school, come cheer on our Huskies in Gampel Pavilion all semester long! 

  1. HuskyThon

HuskyThon is an event that UConn holds annually in which students raise money for the Connecticut Children’s Hospital to help treat children with life-threatening illnesses. The event involves an 18-hour dance marathon where sports teams, clubs, or friends join together to fundraise the money for this cause. In 2019, HuskyThon ended up raising a record-breaking amount of $1,328,402.19 for the kids in need. The event usually falls in February, and keep in mind that there’s no pressure to raise money or be on an organized team, as you can show up the day of and register as a dancer and dance for however long you want! 

  1. April Showers Bring May Flowers

I’m adding an extra high because this is one of the best things about going to UConn. Administrators make sure that when Spring does come, there are plenty of beautiful flowers to see. Also, there are plenty of outside seating options so that students can enjoy the Spring greenery. So, to all my UConn students: keep hanging on throughout this winter season, because we have so much to look forward to!

Grace is a senior Journalism and English double major at the University of Connecticut. When she's not writing for Her Campus, you can find her making drink creations as a Starbucks barista, headed to spin class, reading the newest books, or writing for the Daily Campus!
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