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The Best of 2016’s April Fools Day Posts

For many April 1st, or April Fools Day, means second guessing any act of kindness, grimacing through countless Dad jokes, and reading The Daily Campus front to back. Our favorite brands and celebrities have decided to get in on the fun. Here are the 2016 highlights:

Sephora’s best idea yet.


Tweezerman’s jumbo-sized joke which could have been useful, tbh.


Hourglass Cosmetics’ cutest campaign.


Real Housewives of New York, Bethenny Frankel’s faux departure from the show.


Palmer’s breakfast butter.


Followed up by Bumble and bumble’s lunch special.


Netflix finally understanding our obsession with John Stamos.


Hamberger Helper’s mixtape (which may or may not be a joke).


And, finally, the Her Campus email that tricked us all.


Any favorite pranks we missed? Tweet them to us @UConnHC

Mary is a senior studying Communication and Entrepreneurship. She is an avid instagrammer, a sucker for anything on Bravo, and is passionate about the beauty industry.  When she is not busy with Phi Sigma Pi, Autism Speaks U, and Her Campus, she can be found writing for her personal beauty blog. Follow her on instagram @marysecondo. 
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