The Beauty that is High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

This is in fact exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Being so loyal to the amazingness that is High School Musical, I was skeptical when I heard they were turning it into a tv show. I heard many different reviews, and so many of my friends were telling me I had to watch it. I put it off and didn’t watch it as soon as it came out because I just couldn’t see how it could top the iconic trilogy of HSM. But behold, after watching 30 seconds of it, my heart was immediately stolen, and I watched the entire first season in one sitting.  

The best part about this series is that in no way does it try to copy the movie. There is a whole new plot, original music, and a ton of great new characters. Although there’s so much originality to it, it was great to see some of the recreations from the movie. There’s drama, romance, music, and so much more. It really has something to offer for anyone. Not to mention Joshua Bassett is the main character, so there really is something for everyone.  Being someone who was a theater kid and recently came out of highschool, I related to it a lot. I saw parts of me that were in these characters, so it was cool to have such a strong connection to the show. 

The characters in the show are what make it so great. You get to see them embark on this journey of high school and doing a musical, and seeing the daily struggles they go through. For example, Nini, played by Olivia Rodrigo, struggles with boys and making the musical and school her top priority. Ricky, played by Joshua Bassett, watches his parents go through a divorce which causes him to have commitment and relationship issues. All of these emotions and struggles the characters go through is so relevant today, so I think this show is great since people can really relate and connect. It’s also awesome for the new generation to have a new set of Wildcats, and they can see High School Musical in a completely different perspective. 

I would 10/10 recommend this show. From the first episode to the last, I cried the entire way through. It’s a rollercoaster, but I can assure you’ll enjoy the ride!