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Back to School at UConn as told by Seinfeld

Welcome back, Huskies! Whether you’re new on campus or a seasoned senior, we can all agree the first week of the semester is truly a unique experience that can best be told one way: through Seinfeld gifs, of course.


When you see your friends for the first time since May


“Attendance is mandatory.” “You will not succeed if you procrastinate.” “You should read out of the textbook every day.”


When you find out the NextGen dorms have TOUCH SCREEN THERMOSTATS


Getting out of your class after just 20 minutes


Taking that glorious sip of your first Bookworms coffee of the semester


When you pregamed too hard for Nickel and you’re feeling it way before everyone else


When you never have a fun fact during ice breakers and you forget how to human


  Buying literally everything at Price Chopper and then trying to carry it all to your apartment at once


When the UConn Football team​ wins their season opener 


When your friend has had too many beavers and you tell them it’s time to go home


The freshmen at parties who can’t handle their alc


Trying to snag a seat when the bus schedules are COMPLETELY OUT OF WHACK


When you see a hottie on campus but then see their Make America Great Again pin


When there’s already that one person in class that answers every single question


Making your friends take cute pics of you around campus because after the first week it’s sweats and t-shirts


Trying to navigate through F, X or L lot to find a parking spot. If it’s past 10 AM, good luck


When it’s the first tailgate of the season and you’re just trying to be one of the guys


Hoping your year is filled with cancelled classes, great grades, and calzones… so many calzones. 


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