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Are the One Direction Members Trying to One-Up Each Other?

One Direction broke the internet on March 25th, 2017, exactly two years after former member Zayn Malik left the most famous boy band in the world.

Earlier in the day, Louis Tomlinson, the oldest member in the band, performed at the epic Ultra Music Festival in Miami with Steve Aoki. This was such a huge deal that the One Direction fans started to trend #ProudOfLouis on Twitter, considering it was also his late mother’s birthday, who recently passed away from cancer.

Shortly after, Liam Payne posted a picture on Instagram of himself gently holding his newborn son in his arms.

“I’m incredibily happy to welcome our new baby boy into the world. It’s a moment that I will never forget for the rest of my life,” said Payne in the sweet post along with a Mother’s Day shoutout to Cheryl Cole. Payne and Cole have yet to name their son, but he has already stolen the hearts of the dedicated One Direction fans. Just wait until Louis Tomlinson’s son and Payne’s newborn go on playdates… CUTE!

Speaking of Instagram, we cannot forget to mention the three blank white posts Harry Styles posted on his page, leaving the fandom questioning life yet again. No one ever knows why Harry posts the things he does, but a commercial on British television let the world in on what could be the best thing to happen this upcoming April.

On April 7th, Styles will be releasing his debut single and not one fan took this lightly. I mean, how could anyone take this news lightly? The Harry Styles is releasing music just after filming his first movie, Dunkirk, set to air this summer.

What can’t that boy do? He does it all.

“Today was a busy week for us,” said Niall Horan said in an interview in 2011, which is also completely relevant to this day.

With all four members working on their own music and having their own children, how will the fans survive the rest of the One Direction hiatus?  All they know for now is that when the boys are ready, they will come back as promised, whether it be tomorrow or in five years. 


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