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An Ugg Guide For Girls With An Individuality Complex

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

If you’ve clicked this article I think it’s safe to assume you’re a little like me. The type of person who wants to give into trends but can’t exactly justify buying something just because everyone else has it. You don’t want to have the same thing as everyone else… you want a different version of it. This season’s trend with super cute alternatives? The Ugg Minis. Because you don’t have to sacrifice the comfort of Uggs due to your own ego.

1. Women’s Neumel ZIp platform bootie

Starting with my favorite, what’s not to love about this boot? It’s platform, it has a zipper, and it’s a completely unique style of Uggs that will have everyone asking, “What is that boot, and where can I get a pair too?” The red tab on the back of the boots adds a nice touch of color to the shoe.

2. Women’s neumel platform

This one goes out to my bold girls. This is the type of Ugg that draws attention in a room full of people with its double straps and high platform. The Neumel Platform is the type of shoe for someone who is looking to make a statement and there’s no doubt this boot will help you accomplish that goal.

3. Women’s funkette boot

I won’t lie to you, if you like this boot you will be going on a journey across the Internet to find a place where you can buy them because Ugg doesn’t sell them anymore. But if you’re up for that journey, the end result is a very comfy pair of uggs that, like the Neumel Zip Platform, also has a zipper. This style reminds me of the boot version of moccasins and not only has a different look from normal Uggs but also looks even comfier than the normal ones.

4. Women’s neumel heritage lace-up platform booties

There may or may not be a pattern here with the Neumel style of Uggs. Some might call it bias, but I would simply state that maybe Neumel makes the cutest types of Uggs. Yay for platforms and Uggs where you control how tight you want them with the laces. This is yet another one-of-a-kind pair that you can’t go wrong with this season.

Whether you were looking for Christmas list ideas or just new ways to treat yourself, I hope you found a new favorite type of Uggs!

Mariah Riley

U Conn '26

Mariah is a freshman at the University of Connecticut studying Psychological Sciences. Not only is she interested in writing but she’s also a foodie, frequent concert attender and Marshalls/Maxxinista.