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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.
Okay, I’m not saying I endorse big corporations. Nor do I endorse Jeff Bezos necessarily.

But, we are all addicted to Amazon, and we all know the euphoria of arriving home to a pile of packages. If you are going to use Jeff’s method of capitalism, I suppose you ought to do it right. Here are some of my Amazon favorites,  my life essentials, and the best corners of the shopping universe. 

Fake Lashes 

I am a big eyelash fan, and I really love wearing a variety of lashes depending on the happenings of my day. If I have a day full of meetings, I want to look very approachable and professional. If I have a day full of classes, I want to look casual. This Eliace pack of 50 lashes is absolutely my go-to. I prefer the “3D-3” pairs for my everyday use, but the wispy pairs are just as fun. All of these lashes are lightweight, easy to cut down to the size of your eye, and easy to apply with a small amount of lash glue. The box even comes with an application tool to help you in the process!

Claw Clips 

These are all the rage now, but claw clips certainly aren’t new to fashion. I have been a fan of these little friends since I was in high school, but I could never find cute chips that didn’t look juvenile. This 6 pack of multi-colored claw clips is absolutely a lifesaver, and I have been rotating through them for a few weeks now. Some of them are more versatile than others (I’m looking at you, Salmon Pink), but all of them are sturdy and match my outfits well. I will warn you – these clips probably won’t cut it for my curly-haired friends, and I would not recommend these to anyone who needs a large claw clip. At 3.35 inches across, they get the job done and work wonderfully for me, but they may not be ideal for you. 

Organizational Cart

I love to stay organized, especially in a tiny dorm room. But, let’s be honest – it is hard to find a cute organizational solution. My struggle to find the perfect organizational medium ended when I found this Alvorog 3 tier rolling cart. This cart is super lightweight and comes with wheels (that you can lock, may I add), which makes it the perfect dorm room accessory. I keep my toiletries and makeup on it, but I know a few folks that use it as a rolling library or even a mobile classroom for student teachers. Unlike most rolling carts, this model comes with dividers, hooks, and cups to help you further organize your items. 

Phone Case 

In the past, I have had quite a hard time finding a durable phone case that is both cute and relatively inexpensive. I am always willing to pay for quality, but as a college student, I need to be wise with my money. This Sonix brand phone case is perfect for me and would probably be perfect for you too. My personal favorite is the Cosmic Stars case, but any option is good with these cases. Your phone case can be an accessory, as well as a tool. 

Rain Boots

I have small feet, wide calves, and am tall. 5’10”, actually. So when it comes to finding rainboots that fit me and are actually functional, I haven’t had much luck. Before returning back to in-person classes, I went hunting for some good boots and landed on these Kamik brand “Jennifer” boots. I was hesitant when I clicked “buy”, and was certain they would be too small on my legs and lack tread on the soles. I was dead wrong, and have absolutely loved wearing these boots around campus. My favorite color is dark brown, but I am partial to the mustard shade. 

Laptop Case

If you own a MacBook like myself, you are probably very protective of your computer. They are extremely expensive, and the thought of breaking them brings crippling anxiety to any Apple lover. When I was looking for a laptop case, I didn’t want anything crazy and I didn’t want a keyboard cover. I simply wanted a case with a solid color, and I finally found that this Mosiso plastic MacBook case gets the job done perfectly. I have had the matte black case since late 2019, and it is still sturdy and going strong. Many of my Mac friends have started using this case, with avocado green and serenity blue being the crowd favorites. Overall, this case has gotten my computer through thick and thin and has never failed me. 

Hydro Flask Dupe

Yes, even in 2021, I am a massive Hydro Flask girl. However, I cannot drop $40 on a water bottle every few months; I wish I could but it just isn’t conducive to my budget. So, the Thermoflask comes in pretty handy. At less than $20, and with a few good color options, the Thermoflask serves its purpose well and I can count on it to keep my drinks nice and cold. After all, nothing is better after a long day walking around campus than a cool sip of water. 

Laundry Detergent Substitutions

If you have sensitive skin or if you are juggling a long list of allergies, it can be difficult to find a detergent that works for you. It can also be difficult to be environmentally friendly with cleaning supplies since most are packaged in plastic and the ingredients are horrible for the Earth. However, these amazing Tru Earth Hypoallergenic Laundry Strips are perfect for both purposes. One laundry strip will conquer one full load of laundry, and one pack can last for months (if you play your cards right).

Of course, this list could be miles long and go on for days. Amazon is literally keeping my shopping addiction alive and I am having to be really careful with my money. But for these items? I’m willing to spend it. 

Happy shopping. May the package gods bless you on your journey.
Kate is a History major with minors in Political Science and American Studies, who splits her time between writing, reading, being a political leader, and going to the gym with her friends. She is a first generation University of Connecticut student, and goes home often to visit with her parents, her black cats Shadow and Maybelline, and her boyfriend. She graduated from Wolcott High School in 2019, where she also enjoyed theatre and music. Her interests, beyond that, include politics, current events, educational philosophy, and helping others. She plans to pursue her dream of becoming an educator, along with writing adventures here and there.