Ama Appiah: New CLAS Senator

The results are in for USG elections, and freshman Ama Appiah has been elected as a CLAS Senator. Check out why she wanted to get involved, and what her plans are for next semester!

Major: Biological Sciences

Hometown: Middletown, CT

Other Campus Involvement: Blogger for HerCampus UConn

Why did you decide to become involved in USG?

I have always had in interest for government - I was heavily involved in the student government at my high school, and I have actually worked extensively within both city and state governments. For me, there was no doubt that I wanted to be a part of it once I came to UConn, which lead me to run for the CLAS Senate seat last month.

Why do you think USG/student government in general is important? What function does it serve?

Student government as a whole allows students to fully understand how a government is run. It provides them with the opportunity to make a difference within their school community and allow their voices to be heard. After all, no one can understand student issues more than the students themselves! It is important to bring forth these issues, to make sure students' needs are met, and to ensure them that their opinions matter. Being in a student government gives students a platform to express themselves and help others, all while gaining the skills that are necessary for the real world.

Did you have other roles before running for CLAS Senator?

No, this is my first time participating in USG, since I am a freshman. Being CLAS Senator is a great start, and I am excited to take on any other roles I may have in the near future!

Why did you decide to run for this position?

As mentioned before, I have always had an interest in government. However, I also wanted to help other UConn students receive the best resources and guidance needed to complete their degree and reach their full potential. I believe there are a number of different areas that need improvement in order to accomplish this. When the opportunity to obtain the senate seat opened, I knew I wanted to run to become more involved in these decisions.

What will your duties include?

My duties include representing the CLAS community at senate meetings, being a member of a USG committee, holding office hours to meet with anyone who may share a concern, and discussing these issues in order to create an acceptable solution that benefits everyone affected.

What do you hope to accomplish as CLAS Senator?

I hope to help students have their concerns be heard loud and clear, so that they can receive the most out of their education and have the skills necessary to face the world in their lives after college.