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All of the times Lauren Conrad became your #WCW

It’s okay, you can admit it; we’ve all sat and binged watched The Hills and Laguna Beach for hours and hours. The more episodes you watched, the more you fell in love with Lauren Conrad, and for good reason too. These are only some examples of why she should be your #WCW every week.

1. She helped you through that bad break-up.

2. She gave you the life advice that you didn’t want to hear, but needed to.

3. LC always understands the beauty of a good friendship.

4. By age 25, she had created 3 clothing lines.

Make sure you check out The Lauren Conrad brand (appeared at Smashbox Studios), LC by Lauren Conrad and Paper Crown.

5. She became a best-selling author and has signed multiple book deals.

Some of my favorites include “Lauren Conrad: Beauty”, “Lauren Conrad: Style” and “L.A. Candy”.

6. She co-found The Little Market. 

Lauren started The Little Market to help artisans from around the world sell their items to people who truely care about the craftsmanship put into their products

7. She’s all about women empowerment.

Can you say #Goals ??

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