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Admit It: You’re Obsessed With Drake and Rihanna

The couple we’ve been waiting for since “What’s My Name” came out in 2010 is finally together and we’re totally obsessed.


They are literally the perfect combination of sexy and silly.


Look at them. Just doin’ their thing and doin’ it so well.


Back in 2011, Drake confessed his feelings towards Rihanna and called himself “some naive kid from Toronto.” 




These VMA moments that melted all of our hearts.


After Drake rented out an entire aquarium after hours and “set up a dinner right in front of one of the fish tanks,” they both got matching shark tattoos so you know it’s real.


Is it hot in here or is it them?!


This monumental moment during Drake’s “Summer Sixteen” tour in Miami…


Ladies, never settle for a guy who doesn’t give you EXACTLY what you deserve.


They went ice skating together and apparently​ he is a “really good ice skater.” What can’t Drake do!?


They are finally taking care of each other and we can’t get enough of it (or of Rihanna’s red hair, arguably her best look).


All RiRi is doing is sippin’ on some beer yet Drake is looking at her like she is the love of his life. Oh wait, BECAUSE SHE IS.


Their matching outfits make me want to smile, cry, and yell at my boyfriend for refusing to do this with me.


Cheers, you lovebirds!


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