8 UConn Study Spots For When You're Tired of the Library

Not feeling the Homer D. Babbidge Library vibe?  Want to explore different parts of the vast and beautiful UConn campus?  We all feel unmotivated to get our work done sometimes – and with midterms upon us, getting “in the zone” is imperative to earning those good grades that we know you’re capable of.

Sometime a change of environment is just what your brain needs to focus on studying.  Here are eight different nooks where any student can be productive.


1.   The Beanery

This recently renovated café is located inside the William Benton Museum of Art: UConn’s charming, sophisticated museum across the green from the Student Union.  Inside, the layout is posh with comfortable chairs and couches in various shades of red and purple, with plenty of tables and multiple outlets.  Noise-level varies depending on the crowd, but it’s usually minimal. 

Students in search of a study snack have their choice of coffee, bagels, sandwiches, soups, salads, muffins, scones, cake pops, cookies and brownies, chocolate-covered bacon (!), and yogurt.


2.   The Lounge in Augustus Storrs Hall

This lounge, when it isn’t buzzing with our hardworking Nursing students who have class in Storrs Hall, is a relaxing environment to study in.  All over the lounge are fascinating historical nursing equipment and uniforms, making it a mini museum collection.  Various outlets are in the floor between the modern-looking couches that’ll give you the back support you need. 


3.   The Chemistry Building

The first floor of the Chemistry Building has many tables with space that’s perfect for solo-studying or group work.  It’s also home of the Chem Café, which offers a selection of food and drinks typically available at each UConn café.  There are a few electrical outlets and the noise level here will be quite low.


4.   Starbucks in Storrs Commons

This warm and cozy spot is complete with desk space made for laptops, lounge chairs, plenty of outlets, and the tantalizing aroma of Starbucks coffee.  The chatter of Starbucks regulars and E.O. Smith High School students may be a bit noisy, so be sure to bring headphones if you’re going around 2-4 pm on a week day.


5.     Haru Aki Café

Located in Storrs Center, this little eatery is the only spot where you can tackle a reading assignment while waiting for your lychee bubble tea.  Haru Aki also has, arguably, the best Japanese cuisine on campus: savory Japanese pancakes, rice and noodle bowls, sushi, dumplings, and hot or cold teas.


6.   The T.V. Lounge in the Student Union

One of many spaces in the Union is a lounge with a big flat-screen T.V. on one wall, comfy arms chairs, and small tables for your study needs. Don’t worry – the T.V. is silent, and you can turn away from it if the screen is a distraction.  There are a few outlets along the walls, so plug in and claim a table.  This room tends to be busiest at lunch hours. Ice cream is conveniently served down the hall in the Union at The Blue Cow, and the Union food court is a short study break away. 


7.   Le Petit Marché Café

This café is located on one side of the UConn Co-op Bookstore in Storrs Center.  The bookstore itself has a naturally inviting, comforting atmosphere, and just being around all those books will no doubt make you more studious.  The café side has numerous tables and chairs for a study session and usually is not crowded.  You can treat yourself to unique sandwiches and creations with fancy French names, chocolate truffles, éclairs, fondue, and tarts, along with the usual UConn café menu. 


8.   Up & Atom Café and Biolo​gy/Physics building lounge

By day, the café area in the Bio/Physics Building has light streaming through its wall of glass.  Plants and unique décor give it a Zen, artsy feel – an atmosphere that’ll surely inspire you to write that research paper. 

Upstairs is where the biodiversity collection can be found, featuring preserved giant beetles, vibrant butterflies, an armadillo, spiders, birds, and more.  These creepy-crawlies make very cool, scientific scenery.

Study on, UConn Huskies – and, Herbst be praised, each café mentioned accepts points (except for Haru Aki).  Whether you’re killing time between classes or have a long group study session, be sure to check out these unique spots and discover which atmosphere works best for you.