8 Times Jonathan the Husky Captured My Mood

Jonathan may just be a pup, but he's actually not so different from you and me.  Here are eight times the goodest boy captured our collective mood.  


1.) When you get back from a long day of class and all you want to do is crash in your bed and sleep for 84 years.

2.) When you get that call from that special someone and they tell you they’re outside with your food order.


3.) When you see that guy you kind of had a thing with, but now you don’t talk anymore. Not to mention, you see him around campus all the time and you always inconveniently look like you just got run over with a truck.


4.) When you have to walk to class in subzero weather because your bus lines don’t work like they used to before, and they can’t sweep you off of your feet.

5.) When you get to school and check your mailbox for the first time but realize no one sent you anything because no one loves you.


6.) When you finally have the opportunity to get food off campus and the first thing you do is make your parents take you through the McDonald’s drive thru.


7.) When it’s tailgate and darty szn


8.) When you touch Jonathan the Statue's nose and you realize how proud you are to be a UConn Husky.

And this is why we love you, Jonathan.

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