8 Reasons Why Growing Up With A Single Mom is the Bomb

Being an only child who was raised by a single mom from the time I was 13, I know a thing or two about the joys of having a single parent. Though the list is innumerable, here are a few of the things that make growing up with a single mom so great.


1.  Lots of quality time with your mom.

2.  Having a great advice giver on call at all times.

3.  Having a great example of an amazing woman while you grow up.

4.  You give each other relationship advice.

5.  Nights in are spent watching T.V. shows, just you and her.

6.  You’re each other’s biggest supporters.

7. Everyone compares you to Lorelei and Rory from Gilmore Girls.

8.  You can’t imagine life without each other.

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