7 Tips for Introverts in College

What is an introvert? You could be one and have no idea (in fact, almost half of Americans are). Many people believe introverts want to avoid social interactions at all costs, but that’s truly not the case. Many introverts love to socialize, they just need time to recharge all by themselves afterwards. Introverts can make small talk, but would much prefer having deeper, more meaningful conversations. They would rather focus on introspection rather than all the commotion going on outside their heads.

Being on a college campus that’s always moving and always buzzing, introverts can feel like they’re drowning in stimulation. But rest assured, an introvert can thrive in college with just a few tips.


1.  Eat a Meal Alone a Day

Eating alone just once a day will give you that half-hour of time to just sit back and relax in your own thoughts. Grabbing a quick breakfast on your own just might help you keep your sanity.


2.  Make Other Introvert Friends

Finding friends who understand your introversion can be one of the most rewarding things. They’re the people you can call up to hang out, and that hang out will consist of quietly binge-watching Netflix for hours and hours on end. They’ll know when to talk, but more importantly, they’ll know that there is nothing wrong with silence.


3.  Make Extrovert Friends

Although you might find it easier to surround yourself in a quiet bubble of introverts, extroverts can also be the best of friends. Just because extroverts get their energy in a different way than you doesn’t mean that you cannot get along. They’ll push you to get out of your comfort zone once in a while to ensure that you’re not locking yourself up in your room the whole semester.  


4.  Don’t Forget About Your Hometown Friends

Introverts tend to have a bad habit of forgetting to communicate. So even though you’re miles away from your friends and family back home, make sure you put extra effort in staying in touch. No matter how much you may hate the phone, keep in mind how much you care for the person picking up on the other end.


5.  Make Your Room a Safe Haven

If you’re going out with a group of friends, try to keep it to someone else’s dorm or apartment. That way if you’re feeling like you need some alone time, a simple walk back to your room will do the trick. Your room should be the place to go to recharge your energy, not the place where you’re losing it.


6.  Push Yourself to Go to Social Events

Go to parties, go to sporting events, and join clubs on campus. Don’t let your need for solitude make you miss out on some of the best opportunities of your life or you’ll regret not getting the most out of college.


7.  Don’t Think of Your Introversion as a Burden

Being an introvert encompasses magnificent qualities. Remember, it’s a blessing not a curse.



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