7 Stages of being Salty

Collegiettes, have you ever been so annoyed, mad, and irritated that you thought the ocean couldn’t have more salt in it than you do? I have, and as a self-proclaimed “Queen of Salt” I bring you the seven stages all salty queens go through (pretty much on a daily basis). Always remember, a little salt adds flavor to any dish, but too much and you won’t be able to taste anything else.


The Break

This is the initial reaction coming from the things that triggered the salt to run through your veins. Mostly this is the steeping stage.  Your mood shifts and your expression conveys you are upset even if you don’t know it yet.  However, “The Break” is still an important and very evident stage.


Trying to Keep it Together

This is often the step where you'll actually realize you're salty. If you are experienced in any sense to the feeling, this is the time when you will try to keep it in and think it will just go away if you don’t say anything. Even the saltiest people will do this, but it never works. The only way to combat the salt is to work through it, and at this stage you realize that.



The most common way to dilute the salt of your mood it to talk about it. I recommend your most trusted friend. Let it all out, tell them everything that happened but make sure you're sure about this person.  You can’t just go and tell anyone anything, which is why this stage is one of the riskiest in the path to dealing with the salt. If you broadcast it, it will come back to you worse than ever before, and no one wants that.


Acceptance (or is it?)

After venting you will think, “Ah, I feel so great, this all must be over,” but no. It’s not. We still have 3 steps to get through collegiettes.



The false acceptance has passed and the salt is coursing through you once again. What do you do? You try to rationalize it away. “It’s fine,” “I can deal with this,” and, “no worries”s repeat in your head until you break once again, but this time you skip the first two steps and go right back to...


Venting Again (and again, and again if necessary)

I recommend to everyone that you return to the first person you chose to vent to.  Trust is the key to venting and this person should be the kind of person who would listen to you over and over again because you just might need to revisit this step multiple times.



After some time you will feel calm once again and the salt will have left your system.  Just remember the salt may come back, and that's okay as long as you know how to deal with it in the best way possible.


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