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7 Destinations We Wish We Were Flying to For Spring Break

Spring break is upon us, which means this semester is more than halfway over and we’re that much closer to summer, A.K.A. no responsibilities (well, less responsibilities). It also means, for the people who have enough money saved from that on-campus job or that have really generous parents, getting to fly off to a tropical destination with tons of friends and tequila. For the rest of us, it means lying around in sweatpants for seven straight days and nonstop Netflixing (but we also have more time to procrastinate our spring break bods, so who’s the real winner here?). Regardless of what you’re doing this spring break, here are seven spring break destinations that are probably cooler than where you’re going, and where we wish we were going this March:


1. The Bahamas

Okay, kind of an obvious choice, but the white sand beaches, clear blue water, and the fact that the drinking age is 18 make this destination one of our dreams.


2. Rome

Gelato? Check. Beautiful museums and art? Check. Finally being able to channel your inner Lizzie McGuire? CHECK.


3. Australia

Kangaroos and cute guys with even cuter accents all in the same place? Sign me up.


4. Bora Bora

A small island northwest of Tahiti, Bora Bora is absolutely breathtaking. Guests can stay in bungalows that are perched over the water on stilts. It’s also the location where Kim Kardashian famously lost one of her diamond earrings in the water on an episode of Keeping Up.


5. Hawaii

Don’t pretend like you haven’t always wanted to hula dance with a lei around your neck.


6. England

Although it’s not your typical warm, beach-y spring break destination, it has a lot to offer, like tons of beautiful, historic sights. Also, you don’t have to wear a bikini, so eat all the crumpets you want. Plus, there’s a chance you could run into at least one of the members of One Direction, so, yeah.


7. Cancun

Cliché? Yes. Overrated? Probably. Chance of alcohol poisoning? High. But we can’t deny that concerts, day parties, clubbing, and drinking games with thousands of other students our own age sounds pretty freaking fun. 


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Sam is a sophomore Psychology major at the University of Connecticut. She loves writing, working out, puppies, and all things Ryan Gosling.
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