6 Ways to Celebrate Galentine's Day

For those of you who do not know what Galentine’s Day is, let me enlighten you. It’s an unofficial holiday on February 13th that rules over all other holidays. It became popular from the show Parks and Rec, which highlights exactly what is so important about spending a day celebrating your female friendships. While Valentine’s Day focuses on your romantic relationships, it’s all been done before (yes, I’m looking at the couple who celebrates their “seven-and-a-half week anniversary”). But we often forget to celebrate the women in our lives who inspire, support and motivate us every single day.

So, make sure you let the ladies in your life know you love them by spending Galentine’s Day doing one (or all) of these things. Because who needs Valentine’s Day when your real soulmates are your best friends?  

1. Brunch

There is no better way to start off a day than getting brunch with your ladies. Get in the Galentine’s Day spirit by shoveling in some waffles, pancakes, and bacon. Leslie Knope herself would certainly approve of this activity.  

2.  Jamming to Throwbacks

Singing at the top of your lungs to throwback jams is one of the most cathartic activities out there. The nostalgia you feel when you sing old school songs is irreplaceable. They take you right back to the moment when you first heard them. Put together a playlist of all your favorites, whether it's High School Musical, Destiny’s Child or Outkast. Your girls know just how to harmonize with you. Or how to make your ears bleed… in the most endearing way.  

3. Dance Party

Nothing goes better with throwback jams than a spontaneous dance party. You can dance freely without judgement of others in front of your gals. They might make fun of your sprinkler moves, but it'll just encourage you to dance even harder. And you can consider it your workout for the day.  

4. Chick-Flick Movie Marathon

Whether your friends are romantic comedy fanatics or science fiction nerds, put together a lineup of movies that will have you shoveling popcorn in your mouth by the handfuls. In spirit of Galentine’s Day, the perfect movies for this holiday have powerful female leads--complex and complicated just like us. Just some strong ladies watching strong ladies on the screen.  

5. Exchanging Gifts

Valentine’s Day is one of stress. What gift do you get? Will they even like it? But with your best friends you know the exact thing, however specific or strange it may be, that they are dying for. They know all the little things that would make you happy. They know about your secret guilty pleasure of The Bachelor. So of course they'll get you the box set of your favorite season.


6. Treat Yo'self

Aside from Galentine’s Day, Parks and Rec has taught us all an important lesson to “treat yo'self.” Whether that means spending a little extra cash on that makeup palette or eating that super delicious (but not exactly part of your diet) donut, you need to indulge yourself a little. While you’re surrounded by girls who love and support you, it’s important to remember to love and support yourself. So treat yo'self!

Galentine’s Day is a great way to distract from being single and bitter on Cupid’s holiday, or a great way to distract from the stress of Valentine’s Day. Because above all else, female friendship is the greatest kind of love.