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The 6 Types of People in Group Chats

If you own a smartphone or any type of social media, then you’re probably in, or have been in, a group chat. Group chats are great for making plans, talking about the latest gossip, or working on a group project. No matter the situation, there are always going to be those people in group chats (and you know who I’m talking about). Here’s a list of the six people you’ll find in group chats that can make or break your day.


1. The Spammer

The Spammer has no idea how group chats are supposed to work. Group chats are for making plans, casual conversation, and occasionally goofing off. The Spammer completely disregards all of this and will say whatever is on her mind at any given time. She or he feels the need to share every funny gif and meme they come across and will flood your notifications. In the end, everyone turns on Do Not Disturb just to escape the 500 notifications a day.

2. The Ghoster

The Ghoster has been in your group chat since the beginning, but it’s been three months and they still have yet to say anything. You know they’ve seen your messages because they’ve been on Facebook every day and keep posting statuses. This is normally when you consider kicking them out of the group altogether, but you don’t in hopes that they’ll finally respond.


3. The Boss/Party Planner

The Boss (aka The Party Planner) takes control of the group chat. It’s arguably the most stressful job in group chats. They have to make sure that whatever needs planning gets done. They keep everyone on track and pretty much have the role of the “mom” in the group chat. The Boss does NOT mess around.

4. The Picture Replier

The Picture Replier refuses to type a single sentence out and will only reply with relatable gifs or memes. This person can liven things up a bit, especially when things start to get pretty tense with deadlines and no one knowing what’s going on. However, it’s not always the most effective way to communicate and sometimes we’d prefer a simple “okay” rather than another Friends gif.


5. The Joker

The Joker exists in every group. They’re the person that is constantly turning every conversation into a joke, which then causes everyone to get off topic. Sometimes we all need a good laugh, but they make it significanly harder to plan things. It’s hard to be mad at your friends when all they want to do is have a good time, so you learn to just laugh along.


6. The Gossip

The Gossip can be a dangerous person. They always have the latest details on drama and pass it off to the group chat. Sometimes they even create a separate group chat to talk about someone in the old group chat. Gossip is juicy and whether you want to admit it or not, we all love it but it can cause harm to friendships and it’s best to not get too involved in it.

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