6 Things You Realize Coming Back to UCONN After Studying Abroad

Abroad, as cliche as it sounds, was a dream come true. There will be no other time in your life where you can travel, eat, drink and live without a single regret. But, as all great things do, it has come to an end. And heading up to Storrs will increase your post-abroad depression, there is no doubt about it. It  will truly make you realize that one more year on this campus will be more than enough.

  1. The coffee is not great. Dunkin coffee, as accessible as it is being in the Union, tastes like coffee flavored water, while you’re used to delicious cappuccinos with perfect foam and real honest to goodness espresso shots. It’s just not the same.

  2. Campus is TINY. While in a different country, you feel like the entire city that you’ve come to for four months is your campus. Here you can walk from one edge to the other in under a half hour.​

  3. Everyone talks loud (and in English.) You can probably relate to say that you’ve been shushed by locals on the buses while in your abroad country and scolded in a different language.  It is more acceptable to be loud and obnoxious here.Regina George Shut Up GIF

  4. Food is more expensive and not as good. If you don’t have meal points is buying a 9 dollar sad salad worth it? Kepabs abroad were only 3 euro…How I Met Your Mother GIF

  5. There’s not as much to do. With only 3 bars on campus and being in the middle of "cow country," you have to travel a ways away to do anything. Things like shopping, hiking, eating out, etc were at your fingertips in your abroad city, are much harder to get to now. 

  6. You actually have to study. No more “waiting until the day-of to do your homework and review for exams” you’ll actually be putting time in Homer B, even on the weekends, where you would hopefully be traveling while abroad.Community Studying GIF