5 Worst Exam Behaviors

So finals are around the corner, ready or not, here they come! There are three phases you go through every exam, pre, during, and post exam behavior. You can tell a lot about a person by their exam behavior. 


1. The nervous Nelly 

This person makes you feel inadequate. They studied day and night and still don’t think they’re gonna pass. You sure wish you withdrew from this class right about now don't you?

During the Exam

2. The quickie

This person usually finishes in about 20 minutes and is either a know it all or knows nothing. This person leaves you questioning whether you know what you’re doing after all.

3. The person asking a million questions 

We get it, you think you know the answer and want the professor to think you know the answer but you don’t really know the answer and hope the professor will lead you to the answer.

4. The shuffler

They're especially distracting because it seems like with every movement they get louder. You’re already nervous and on top of that you have to drown out background noise.



5. The nervous Nelly (who instead of being relieved seems to be even more freaked out)

By this time, the person has already decided to drop out. You begin to realize maybe you should be nervous too.


I hope at least one of these resonated with you. We’ve all been there, done that, and don’t wanna go back.