5 Ways to Spend New Year's If You Love Staying In

Not all of us are the go-out-and-party type, and when it comes to holidays like New Year's Eve, it’s almost as if you don’t have a choice. New Year's is reserved for over the top, shimmery outfits with plastic glasses spelling out the new year. It’s meant for dancing, drinking, and kissing that random stranger at midnight. It isn’t meant for cuddling up with friends and family.  It’s not a holiday designed for all of us homebodies, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of it. 


1. Build a Blanket Fort

Nothing gets someone in good spirits more than pulling all the cushions off the couch and tearing blankets off your bed to build your own unique and cuddly fort to spend the night in. Drag a couple of your animal friends along and you’ll have your own perfect party to post to snap, and you’ll know exactly who you kissed come the morning. 


2. Watch those New Year's movies you just can't watch any other time of year

You’ve already got you blanket fort and animal friends, what a perfect time to throw on New Year's Eve and swoon over the cast packed with hotties including Zac Efron, Aston Kutcher, and Josh Duhamel!


3.  Make a Time Capsule 

Spend the night looking up horoscopes for the new year; love, career, family, money, anything, and write them down. Then write out your New Year's resolutions and anything else you’d like your future self to know 365 days from now. It’s a great way to start off the new year on a positive note, and if you give up on those resolutions in writing you’ll have to face the inner shame a year later. Nothing like a little fear of the time capsule to keep you motivated. 


4.  Host a Girl’s Night

Just because you think it’s a little weird you don’t want to go out on New Year's doesn’t mean there aren't lots of other gals out there that would rather stay in to paint their nails, sip on wine, and ring in the new year with a little gossip. Invite a few friends over, order in, and spend the night reminiscing about all the memories you’ve made over the years. 


5. Sleep

With the holiday season finally coming to an end, we all know you’re exhausted. Who even made the rule you had to be awake for midnight on New Year's? Hop in the tub with the inevitable bath bomb you received at Christmas, go to bed early, and catch up on all the snoozes you’ve missed since Thanksgiving. 

New Year’s is great for everyone but the girl who’d rather receive coal for Christmas than go out to a gross bar, packed with people, to kiss a random stranger only to go home without having a single ounce of fun. But New Year’s doesn’t just need to be a holiday for the party-goers, homebodies can make it their own kind of celebration too.


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