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5 Underrated Shows on Netflix You Should Be Watching

Have nothing to do over break and just finish your latest Netflix binge?  Don’t worry, here are five more shows to binge watch instead of doing your homework.


1. Santa Clarita Diet

This Netflix original, starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant, is about a typical, suburban family whose lives gets turned upside down when the Wife/Mom (Barrymore) turns into a zombie/cannibal (it’s weird, I know). This is one of those shows where you kind of have to sit through the first episode before anything really juicy happens (pun not intended), but once you reach the other side you’ll find that this show is actually hilarious in a quirky kind of way.


2. Crazyhead

Similarly, this is another show with a unique premise. It’s about two girls in the U.K. who can both see demons, and eventually team up to take down the bad guys in super awesome, girl-power form. This is another secret gem of comedy that you might overlook based on the out-there storyline.


3. One Day At a Time

If you’re looking for something a little more realistic, this one’s for you. One Day At a Time is a Netflix original inspired by the older television show of the same name. It focuses on a single Latina mother/veteran and her two kids. In true Full House fashion, her mother and neighbor pitch in to help her. The show is cute and hilarious and also covers some tougher subjects such as alcoholism and sexuality. Definitely a must watch!  


4. Glitch

Looking for something sci-fi and dramatic? Then this is a show you should check out. Another Netflix original, Glitch takes place in a small town in Australia and follows what unfolds when several people climb out of their graves in the middle of the night. Yup, that’s right, they’re all dead, but somehow came back to life. Full of awesome twists and surprises, this is one of those shows you’re gonna want to binge.  


5. Frequency

For those of you who like a little crime with your sci-fi, Frequency is the way to go. Based on the movie of the same name, it focuses on a young woman who comes into contact with an old radio of her father’s, and soon discovers that she can communicate with him in the past. The two team up to prevent his death and find a killer that has haunted her family for years.


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Lauren Ablondi-Olivo is a senior at the University of Connecticut and the President of UConn's Her Campus chapter. She studies English with a minor in Communications and is pursuing a concentration in Creative Writing. Lauren loves writing about politics, entertainment, books, and issues regarding young women around the world. When she's not writing, you can probably find her in her apartment drinking iced coffee and watching New Girl for the thousandth time. 
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