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5 Types of Guys You Need to Stop Dating ASAP

College is a time to explore yourself and play the field, but we’re all guilty of dating a loser from time to time. No judgement though, sometimes there’s nothing wrong with that because at least you’ll get a firsthand experience of exactly what you don’t want in a relationship. There are certain types of guys, however, that we really just shouldn’t be wasting our time with anymore.


The Mansplainer

For whatever reason, this guy insists on explaining to you exactly how the world works, because he knows everything about everything. He’ll give you a patronizing explanation of how the electoral college *actually* works while drinking a local IPA, as if you didn’t ace your poli-sci class sophomore year.

The Body-Shamer

This guy has the delusional notion that your body is somehow his business and that his opinion will make it better. He fails to realize the only opinion that matters is yours. You don’t need to lose weight or have bigger boobs, you need a boyfriend who’s not an idiot and loves you and your body exactly the way it is.


The Guy Who Hates Your Friends

The Spice Girls couldn’t have put it better when they said, “If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends.” He doesn’t have to be their new BFF, but he should want to get to know the important people in your life. And if your friends don’t like him, they’re probably right.

The Guy Who is Rude to Your Waiter

Is there a bigger red flag than when someone is rude to an innocent service worker for no reason? It’s pretty telling of exactly what kind of person he is. If this happens while you’re on a date…run.

The Guy Who Refers to All of His Exes as “Crazy”

Maybe one of them really was, but all of them? It seems like they might not have been the real problem there. Odds are, he’s the crazy one. 


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