5 Things We Hate About UConn Fall

Girl- get comfy, grab a snack and a drink, and let’s gossip about the worst things about UConn Fall.

1) The Wind.

Clearly whoever named Chicago the windy city had never been to Storrs. Have you ever felt like you’re fighting the wind with every step? As a 130 lb. young woman, I fight this battle every time I step out the door.  

2) More people on the bus= longer bus routes.

Colder weather is approaching and the bus isn't… Because more people use the bus, it takes longer to get where it needs to go. Not to mention, the standing factor once seats are taken.

3) Pumpkin spice is hyped up AS F. 

Pumpkin spice this, that, and the other. If you don’t like pumpkin, you’ll probably choke on the first sip. But if you like pumpkin, GIRL! It is pretty good I must say.

4) Sweater Weather.

Just because it is October does not mean it is sweater weather appropriate. Climate change is doing no one any favors.

5) Bean boots.

Ever look down at your phone while walking and use your peripheral vision to keep going? When everyone is wearing bean boots, how can you tell who is in front of you? Is it the same person? Are you still walking in the right direction? Do you know where you are? THERE ARE OTHER SHOES, PEOPLE. 

5) Putting up Halloween decorations.

Halloween decorations are cute as heck but can also suck to put up. Especially that cotton webbing.

Gifs are courtesy of Giphy. Cover image source.