5 Things We Don't Miss About College

1.  Not having pets.


Home is where the heart (aka your pet/s) is/are. Whether you have cats, dogs, both, or some other animals entirely, one of the best parts about going home is being able to hang with our fluffy best friends. Let’s face it, sometimes dogs are just way better than people.


2.  Dining hall food.

While the idea of having food available at all times sounds like heaven, the reality of dining hall food isn’t quite the pretty picture we imagined it to be. By the end of the semester, we’re ready for some good ole home cooked meals.


3.  The beds.  

Photo courtesy of Ayla Fiala

The tiny, uncomfortable twin sized beds are something that most college students are dying to get away from. They’re lumpy and just too small to be able to embrace your inner princess.


4.  Dorm Showers.

Dorm showers are arguably the most disgusting thing we have to deal with at college, and they’re something that we’re all ready to leave behind. So much ick- we certainly will not miss the ridiculous shower shoes.


5.  Having homework.

Not having homework is one of the best parts about summer break. Even if you have a job, you don’t have to bring it home with you. Once you’re done working, you’re done and don’t have to think about it, unlike homework which is constantly looming over you.

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