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The 5 Stages of a UConn Women’s Basketball Game

It’s no secret that the UConn women’s basketball team is a powerhouse. However, people forget that some of the games can be stressful. As an avid fan I can definitely say that there are different stages to watching the games. 


1.) Nervous

Even though the team has won over 100 games in a row, before each game there’s still a bit of nerves. Could this be the day the streak ends? Will someone else be victorious this time? There’s always the nagging thought running through our minds that no matter the opponent, this could be the game that they finally lose.


2.) Confident

After the nerves, we realize that we are the four-time defending national champs and that we have an amazing team that has proven themselves to be just as good as previous years’ teams. 


3.) Anxious 

The first ten minutes of the game can be close before UConn goes on one of their patented runs. During the first quarter we’re usually freaking out and trying to remain calm. 


4.) Happy

Once UConn starts to break away and go on a run, we realize we have this game in the bag and start celebrating. No team can stop us!


5.) Proud

At the end of the game, we’re always so proud of the team for working so hard to get another win. They make the impossible look easy. 

We love you, Lady Huskies!


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