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We all crave different music for different moods, but sometimes it’s just too much work to put together your own perfect playlist. And after Spotify released our 2020 Wrapped playlists, we all feel inspired to find new music (at least I do). So, to all my lazy ladies waist-deep in their feels, I have some amazing Spotify playlists for every mood, occasion, and moment. Whether you need to cry, jam out, study, or just stare into the abyss, there’s a playlist for that. Keep reading to find the soundtrack to your life!



Songs to Cry to at 3 A.M by emily__konig


Favorite song: Falling by Harry Styles


So you’re sad about 2020… join the club. Thankfully, this club has a good playlist, and it’s by emily__konig on Spotify! For every moment in recent months when you’ve been reminded that the world has been chewed up and spit out, there’s a song on this playlist to comfort you.. or assist in your turmoil, whichever you prefer. For me, sad playlists have taken over my life because I like to play the ballads overnight to help me sleep. I’m also just super-duper sad and I feel like scream-singing Lewis Capaldi is soothing for the soul. Having a solid, reliable playlist like this is essential during these hard times, so I encourage everyone to give it a listen and have a nice longgggg cry. Take a few selfies while you cry too, it builds character.       

Baddie Energy by sophiemcullen


Favorite song: B*tch From Da Souf by Mulatto


Okay… crying moment over, time to return to bad b**** mode. If you don’t have a baddie playlist on deck to pull you out of a slump, you’re seriously missing out. It’s okay though, sophimcullen on Spotify is here to make you realize how much of a baddie you really are! All the baddest ladies are on this playlist including Rico Nasty, Nicki Minaj, Flo Milli, Megan Thee Stallion, and more! These are the women you need to go to when you forget who tf you are and need a good reminder. This playlist is perfect for solo car rides, dance parties, getting ready to go out, and getting hyped with all your best friends. Learn the lyrics, get the attitude, and jam out to these amazing songs as the peak form of self-care.  


Love Songs for Him! by Victoria Maddison 


Favorite song: 18 by One Direction


Okay, baddie moment over… we’re back in our feels. However, instead of being mushy and depressed about the world ending, let’s get mushy and depressed about being single! This playlist is the perfect combination of songs for ~that person~. Maybe you know them, maybe you haven’t met them yet, but regardless, everyone’s a little curious about their future partner and wants to feel like they’re already with them. This playlist is PERFECT for that. It makes you feel nostalgic for something you haven’t done yet and it’s such a strange yet comforting feeling. Even if you are in a relationship, these loving/yearning songs will make you feel closer to your person and that’s seriously the best feeling ever.

person holding woman\'s hand on top of hill
Yoann Boyer/Unsplash


Yeehaw! by Paris Boswell 


Favorite song: In Case You Didn’t Know by Brett Young


Alright this one might be controversial so let’s just rip off the bandaid.. country music. It’s good and we have to accept that at some point. I understand the slander but sometimes I, too, just want a beer and a truck and a long winding road to leave my troubles behind or whatever they talk about. Country music HITS in the summer more than anything and it’s nice to reminisce with it year-round. It’s really really freeing to just let yourself enjoy this music without fear of judgment. I know it sounds super dramatic, but I think it’s an important reminder to let people enjoy things, yourself included. If we all stopped caring what others think and just listened to some Luke Bryan, I think the world would be a better place.      

Amelia Kramer-Golden Hour Country Road Trip
Amelia Kramer / Her Campus


Childhood Nostalgia by pbagshaw 


Favorite song: Clocks by Coldplay


Let’s end this list with some classic nostalgia. Growing up in the 2000s/2010s means we can look back on some of the best pop, rap, and alternative music with that little comforting butterfly in our stomachs. This playlist by pbagshaw on Spotify has the perfect combination of songs that give me that feeling. All of the one-hit wonders and middle school dance anthems have a spot on this playlist because, as much as you may have tried to forget them, these songs and artists aren’t going anywhere. So, please excuse me while I listen to some old P!nk songs that remind me of sitting in the backseat of my mom’s Kia in October 2008.

The way to the cabin
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