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5 Spooky Podcasts to Listen to This Halloween Season

It’s October, which means it’s basically Halloween, and though spooky movies, shows and books are great, these podcasts will leave you constantly looking over your shoulder for ghosts, goblins and ghoulish creatures of the night. 

1.  Anything Ghost

Anything Ghost is a podcast narrated by Lex Wahl (with occasional storytelling by the writers themselves). Lex’s eerie voice provides listeners with a creeping sense of fear as he reads through ghost stories and personal paranormal experiences people have submitted. Anything from strange one-time frights to incessant demon hauntings can be found here, and if you have your own story to tell you can send it in to appear on a future podcast.

2.  Lore

Much like Anything Ghost, the podcast Lore tells terrifyingly real tales about ancient histories, horrifying creatures and downright creepy killers. The podcast follows historical events that show the darkest sides of human nature and through ancient folklore it is able to encapsulate some of humanity’s greatest fears, including werewolves, witches and murderers. “Because sometimes the truth is more terrifying than fiction.” (And if you really love this podcast, Amazon just came out with a TV series featuring some of the stories!)

3. Welcome to Night Vale

If you’d much rather avoid the horrifying and sometimes gruesome stories, but embrace the weird and spooky, Welcome to Night Vale is an absolute must. Presented as a radio show, and set in the fictional town of Night Vale, the narrator reports on strange and often ominous events that occur. Essentially, all the conspiracy theories you’ve no doubt wondered about are real in this town. Aliens and angels and ghosts are commonplace and the more you listen the stranger this podcast will get. (And if you really love this podcast, check out the books that go along with it!)

4.  Limetown

If you’re totally into murder mysteries and whodunits the podcast Limetown is perfect. Centering around the mysterious disappearance of 300 people from the city of Limetown, the narrator and journalist Lia Haddock investigates these puzzling disappearances. Completely compelling and not unlike The X-Files, this podcast is a must-listen-to this Halloween season.

5.  Trumpcast

Let’s be real, nothing is scarier than the current state of American politics at the moment. We’re essentially living in a real-life horror story. Trumpcast, hosted by Jacob Weisberg, Jamelle Bouie, Virginia Heffernan and Josh King, works to narrate the terrors America is facing. Together they strive to inform and entertain their audience about the perils of the Trump administration. They’ll cover recent news stories and the current administration in as goodhumored and insightful a manner as possible. So be prepared to be scared by some detrimental policy changes this Halloween season.

Now snuggle up with a fuzzy blanket and some hot chocolate and have fun getting spooked!

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