5 Reasons Why Finals Week is Underrated

Ah, here at last. The time of year that tends to bring out the worst in us. While stress levels are high, amount of sleep is low, and tears are very possible at any given moment, sometimes we forget that there actually are some perks of finals week. Here are some positive things to keep in mind as we struggle in every way to finish the semester strong.


1. You have absolute control over your schedule

For once, your schedule isn’t jam packed with classes, meetings and labs. Your one job for the entire week is to study and finish your work, and with all of this free time you’re not used to having, with proper planning, it’s very possible to get all of your work done.

2. Free stuff is everywhere

The University understands the stress we’re going through, and does whatever it can to help relieve at least some of it for us. Keep your eyes open for the library survivor packs that they distribute in the union and at the library, free food being passed out and pet therapy.

3. Any time is a good time to go to the gym

Sick of studying? Procrastinate with a trip gym. The time spent exercising will improve your overall well-being and you might actually have a chance at getting to your favorite weight machine.

4. It’s the one week that everyone is equally as stressed

Don’t you hate it when you have a ton of tests, papers and assignments but your friends have nothing and are out having fun? Well, this is the time of the semester where almost everyone has something to do, so just remember that you are by no means alone.

5. You are SO close

No matter how terrible your finals week is, just remember it will all be over soon. Once you make it through this week that may feel never ending, your month-long, stress free break starts.

So hang in there, collegiettes!

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