5 Reasons Every Collegiette Should Try Poshmark

Poshmark is a mobile app designed for people to sell their new or used clothing and accessories to other users. It was created in 2011, and is now used by over one million people. Here’s why it’s so great:


You make money for selling things you don’t wear.

Poshmark is great because you set your own price, which can be changed at any time. Users can also use an offer feature, offering their own bid on your item which you can accept, decline, or counter-offer with a different price. This transaction is completely between users as Poshmark does not get involved until an official purchase has been made.


Poshmark is a third party which handles the transaction.

When an official purchase has been made, Poshmark then sends both parties a confirmation e-mail, and sends the pre-paid shipping label to the person mailing the item. The shipping is paid for by the buyer, which is only $6.49 for 2-day shipping. If the seller doesn’t send the item, it's not as they described it, or is damaged, Poshmark ensures a complete refund, so it’s almost impossible to get scammed. Poshmark also has a concierge service so that if you splurge and buy something over $500, say, a pair of Tiffany earrings, Poshmark will authenticate that item so you aren’t paying for a counterfeit product.

The funds from a purchase are deposited to the seller's Poshmark balance, which can either be used on Poshmark or transferred to a bank account. Unfortunately, Poshmark charges for every purchase, depending on how much it’s sold for. If it’s under $15, they charge $2.95 so all sales are $3 or more. Anything over $15, Poshmark makes 20%.


You can find great deals on brand names.

Two of my own Poshmark purchases.


Let’s be honest, we’re all cutting corners on a college budget but that doesn’t mean we can’t dress cute. Not all of us can afford a $40 Kendall & Kylie Romper, but I was able to find one for $12. I’ve also gotten a pair of Aeropostale jeans for $7 and found a brand new, with tags attached, bralette from Victoria’s Secret for $9.

Many times, people will get gifts they don’t like but can’t return or they buy something online that just doesn’t fit right, so they’ll sell it for cheap on Poshmark to get it out of their closet.

Anytime I shop online and see something I like, I’ll look on Poshmark to see if that item or a similar item is available for a lower price. Often times, I’m able to find something better.

If you have a Halloween costume that requires something you’d never wear again, say, a faux fur vest, you might find one very cheap on Poshmark so you aren’t wasting money on a brand new one. Or, if you want to find vintage clothing, Poshmark is a great place to look. Poshmark also allows men’s and children’s clothing which can be great buying for yourself or others.


Launch your own clothing business.

If you make your own clothing, Poshmark is a great place to make some money on your items. It’s not the best way to make money, as most people want to spend as little as possible on their purchases, but it is an option. Poshmark also has a boutique section, which allows people to buy wholesale products then resell them on their own account, teaching them valuable skills about marketing and profiting.


Fellow “Poshers” can be really great connections.

Many of the people who use Poshmark want to see others make sales, so they will like and share listings to their followers to increase exposure of items. Many people are willing to accept offers lower than their original listing cost or offer “bundles" - a discount upon purchasing several items from one person.

Posh Etiquette indicates that when shipping an item, it’s really nice to include a thank you note, or at least wrap the item in nice paper. No one would want to open the box to find a wrinkled dress that wasn’t secured inside. Some Poshers go above and beyond and include free gifts. I once received a free pair of earrings on a purchase of sunglasses!


Poshmark is a community of people who love shopping. Most college students are on a tight budget, but several of us are firm practitioners of retail therapy. Unfortunately, these things can conflict with one another. Poshmark changes that, because now we can find great new, or lightly used, clothing to treat ourselves and even find gifts for others if they’re still new with tags. Everyone has clothes collecting dust in their closet, so you might as well give Poshmark a shot and get some money back on them. Happy Poshing!

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