5 Food-stagrams You Need to Follow

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is posting pictures of food on their Instagrams in hopes of becoming an insta-famous foodie. And while I'm not complaining about seeing more tasty treats on my feed, not everyone has what it takes to go viral and gain thousands of followers. When it comes to amazing food, you shouldn't have to weed through the amateurs to find the best of the best. Here are five of my all-time favorite "foodstagrams" that are worth pressing the follow button for:


1.) foodbabyny

If you are a living, breathing human being, you will love @foodbabyny. Like their tag suggests, @foodbabyny posts up-and-coming, trendy food form New York City with (you guessed it!) their super cute kids, Matthew and Sammy, in the background. This unique spin on a foodstagram is what got the account to over 300k followers. Whenever I come across a @foodbabyny post, it makes my day - not many other foodstagrams can do the same. 


2.) new_fork_city

When the founders of @new_fork_city, Natalie, Gillian, and Emily, started the account, it was 2013 and they were only seniors in high school. Back then, foodstagrams hadn't become what they are today. In other words, @new_fork_city is one of the OG foodstagrams, so it's no wonder that the account has over 900k followers.


3.) sofiaeatsnyc

This account, run by 21-year-old Sofia Jain, specializes in vegetarian options, but is just as amazing as the other foodstagrams on this list. Her account has a huge range of food. For example, she'll post the classic cupcakes and pizza, but will also feature avocado toasts and salads. It can be nice to have a little variety and to break up the sweets with some healthier options once in a while.


4.) fairfieldcountymunchies

For people who don't want to trek into the city for amazing food finds, @fairfieldcountymunchies is the place to go. If you're from Fairfield county, like me, the account features tons of places you probably already know and love, like Milkcraft and Shake Shack. But, since the account covers such an expansive area, there are always cool, new places featured that you'll be dying to try.


5.) eatingnewyork

Last, but certainly not least, is @eatingnewyork. I don't think it's physically possible not to follow @eatingnewyork after looking through their account. Much of their page features pasta, cookies, brunch, and more... what's not to love? They also have a few other branches like @eatingmassachusetts, @eatingwestcoast, and @eatingwdc. This comes in handy if you aren't from the tri-state area or are traveling to other parts of the country.

Hop on Insta and follow all these mouth-watering accounts. Trust me, you won't regret it.