5 Fabulous Tracks to Keep You Focused

Have some work that NEEDS to get done? Cut out the distractions! Put in your earbuds, turn up the volume and get down to business with these focus-inducing tracks.


1. “Quiet Nights” by Catching Flies

Have you heard of the artists Benjamin Francis Leftwich or Mt. Wolf? Well both of these artists have demonstrated that soft electronic rhythms are skyrocketing in the music industry. Very much like them is the newcomer, Catching Flies. Just 23 years old and this Londoner is starting to make it big by playing at a number of shows throughout Europe and not to mention touring along with a fellow British producer, Bonobo!

I’m sure most of us would love some quiet nights to ourselves in our bed binge watching on Netflix but before that we have to get down to business. “Quiet Nights” has that perfect balance of ambient vibes, a hint of a daytime disco and an underlining folksy feel. Try playing this track while calculating math problems! 

Caution: a few delicate vocals ascend from the background. If lyrics distract you, then keep reading on to find out some other awesome tracks that may help you keep your cool. 

2. “Kusanagi” by ODESZA

This state of the art electro-pop duo is most well known for their singles “Sun Models” and “Say My Name” and performing at music festivals across the nation. ODESZA’s album “In Return” is a hotchpotch of sounds but all work really well together.

This song in particular starts out with some sober drones, subtle drops of voices of children start to appear and then fluttering chimes make way that in the end build a breathtaking yet lighthearted atmosphere. It almost seems like you've entered a Japanese garden and you're hearing all these beautiful sounds come together.

Hit play when you’re about to bury your nose into your philosophy or science textbook. Surely this song will match the tempo to your task. This song actually works great when typing up a lab report. Who knew?

3. “Xylophone (Populette Remix)” by Timothy J. Fairplay

This track “Xylophone” promotes a quick energetic techno beat that is on repeat for the entire song. You’re feet will start taping as you’re head starts to bob up n’ down but don’t get me wrong it’s all part of the job. Whether you are fine-tuning a PowerPoint presentation, merging pointless excel files or editing an image on Photoshop, this song will absolutely help you through it and keep you focused.

Very similar to this song is “Out Cold” by Magnets that also works well.

4. “We Move Lightly” by Dustin O’Halloran

To all those classical fans out there, this one is for you! Here is a modern take on a traditional piano set. Dustin O’Halloran captures the softness and stillness with a sprinkle of romance in this track. You could really listen to this song while you’re doing anything. Jotting down notes, updating your planner, watching life pass by while on the bus, the list is really endless. 

5. “Intro” by The xx

London-based indie pop band, The xx, has successfully done it again. The xx are highly skilled in making songs that exhibit the idea that less can be much, much more. This track epitomizes greatness and power, two adjectives that describe that feeling of when you didn’t think you had it in you anymore and then something just clicked. What sounds like a fuzzy keyboard, a slick repeating drumbeat, and wordless chanting keeps you persevered to finish.

And if this song is really doing it for you and you never want it to end, some Internet genius made a four-hour long version of this it!


Happy listening!