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The 411 on Sorority Recruitment at UConn

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to help you decide whether or not you should rush. If you’re on the fence about rushing, it’s best to just register and go for it. You can drop out of the process at any time, and at least this way you won’t regret not trying it. College is the time to try everything, so don’t count Greek life out (unless you want to, then that’s fine)! 


Thursday: Recruitment Orientation

What it is: At this meeting, they’ll walk you through the weekend schedule, what to wear, and you’ll meet your RMT. An RMT (Recruitment Management Team) is a sorority sister that becomes temporarily unaffiliated with her chapter in order to help PNMs go through recruitment. Your RMT is like a mix between a camp counselor and a mom. She’s there to keep you on schedule, answer all of your questions, approve or disapprove of your outfits, and talk you through the decisions that you make throughout the weekend. 

What to expect: 

  • Sensory overload

  • RMTs who are inhumanly energetic (you go, ladies)

  • A blaring #whitegirlwasted playlist 

  • A mixed crowd of PNMs (potential new members) who either signed up for recruitment months ago or literally the night before

  • PNMs who are either super friendly or very cutthroat and want to take you out

  • *Sister Snaps*


  • Be friendly to other PNMs to make friends, especially if you’re not rushing with a friend

  • Don’t be discouraged by the overwhelmingness 


Friday: Scholarship Day

What it is: Scholarship Day (or night) is comprised of 15-minute rounds with each chapter (yes, that’s 9 chapters) where you’ll talk about surface-level things like your major, interests/hobbies, why you decided to rush, etc. It’s best not to go in with any certain chapter that you want in mind because you never know who you’ll vibe with!

What to expect: 

  • RUNNING, or at least walking with a purpose, from round to round 

  • Being yelled at by your RMTs to keep it moving

  • Blisters

  • Being weirdly touched on the small of your back by each sister you meet leading you to a certain place in the room

  • Screaming at the sister you’re speaking with in order to talk over everyone else 

  • A good night’s sleep when you get back to your dorm


  • Bring snacks and water!! 

  • DO NOT wear platforms, wedges, or any remotely uncomfortable footwear

  • Write down notes about each chapter on your phone for your reference


Saturday: Philanthropy Day

What it is: On Saturday, you’ll be called back to a maximum of 6 chapters. Each chapter will show a video about the philanthropy that they fundraise for. You’ll have 30-minute conversations with a few sisters about their philanthropy events, what it means to them, and you’ll have the chance to ask any more questions you might have.

What to expect:

  • A much easier schedule than Friday, unless you’re called back to 6 chapters

  • BREAKS :)

  • Getting emotional after watching moving philanthropy videos


  • You’re most likely safe to wear platform shoes 

  • Be yourself! Today will determine who invites you back tomorrow


Sunday: Sisterhood Day

What it is: You will be called back to a maximum of 4 chapters for 40-minute rounds. It is also the first day that recruitment will take place in Husky Village (unless a chapter you get called back to doesn’t have a house, then your round will be in the Union). Today is the day to talk about more meaningful topics, like what you look for in a friend and how each chapter’s sisterhood is unique. 

What to expect:

  • More clarity about which chapters you really like

  • An official recruitment video for each chapter which is really just professional footage of the girls doing normal things with the Chainsmokers playing in the background (they’re still cute though, and you oddly wish that you had been a part of it)


  • Okay, NOW you can wear heels or wedges

  • Eat at Gelfenbien Dining Hall on your way up to the Ville because they have good cheesy eggs and berries :)

  • Carry your shoes and wear a more comfortable pair up the hill to the Ville

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Monday: Preference Day

What it is: It is considered a *privilege* to be invited back on Preference Day because you will be included in a super secret ritual that only sisters are allowed to see. You will go back to 2 chapters at most for 50 minutes each. In terms of conversation, you should ask any lingering questions you have and try to have those deeper conversations with the sister(s) you’re paired with in order to get a feel for which chapter you want to be your top pick. 

What to expect:

  • Flowers, weird singing, standing in a circle, occasional snaps

  • A sense of accomplishment because you made it this far and these girls really seem to like you


  • Bring a sweatshirt; it’s very cold in Storrs early morning and Preference Day starts EARLY

  • Don’t stress too much about your top pick; just choose which chapter you felt most comfortable with


Monday night: Bid Night

What it is: If you’ve made it to Bid Night, that means that you will be accepted into a sorority. Bid Night is when you find out which sorority (and it can only be one) you’ll be paying for in the coming years :). At the Ville, there’s a big celebration and everyone is happy because they’ve found their sisterhood.

What to expect:

  • Each chapter has its own cute Bid Day merch

  • Excitement!! Screaming!! Everywhere!!

  • A feeling of relief that you made it through the weekend 


With all this in mind, recruitment is both interesting and weird as hell. You’ll learn a lot about yourself and your values as you get the chance to talk to people about what you love and care about. You’ll also learn that you don’t love being yelled at to form straight lines and cheer like you’re super excited to be meeting a chapter when your feet hurt and you want to go home. Just like everything in life, recruitment is what you make of it; so, don’t take yourself too seriously and go for it if you’re up for the ride!

Sarah is a senior at the University of Connecticut majoring in political science and minoring in French and communication, and the current President of Her Campus UConn! In her spare time, she enjoys going to concerts, reading, and hiking.
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