4 Reasons Championship Day was Awesome

If you haven't already heard (lol) the UConn Men's Basketball team brought home their fourth National Championship Title yesterday! Naturally, campus was a very exciting place to be, so here's some reasons why it's so great to be a Husky.


1) Lots of great selfies.


There's nothing like a spontaneous Ellen selfie-break while you cheer your team to victory.


2) This photo of Drake.


Sorry Drake! I know we already tweeted to Obama about joining our bandwagon, but I guess there's room for you, too.


3) Showing Kentucky who really bleeds blue.


Hint: It's not them.


4) Bringing home the National Championship and getting to watch the Women go for another one tonight!


100:1 odds for UConn to win? Never bet against the Huskies my friends.