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3 New Ways to Rock Your Le Pliage tote

The Le Pliage tote by Longchamp is a staple in the wardrobes of many collegiettes.  Walking on campus it is nearly impossible not to come across someone who is sporting one of these stylish Longchamp totes. These totes are definitely a Uconn trend, it is a cute fashionable way to carry around your books for class if you are not into the traditional backpack look.


Longchap’s nylon Le Pliage bag comes in a variety of colors ranging from navy blue, plum or red. If you tend to wear different colors often then try getting it in black. However, if you find yourself migrating towards neutral colors or black and white lately then try getting a colored Le Pliage, it’s add a pop of color to any outfit.




Here are a few new stylish ways to rock your Le Pliage on campus:

Outfit 1:



Outfit 2:


Outfit 3:





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