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25 of the Best Gift Ideas for $25 or Less

The holidays are finally here! This time of year brings excitement and joy, but for many people, these feelings are coupled with the stress of what to get your pickiest of relatives— so, I have compiled a list of 25 of my favorite gift ideas that are perfect for anyone who is shopping on a budget this year.

  1. Portable Outdoor Hammock – $17.99
  • This portable hammock is great for anyone who loves spending time in nature. This gift is perfect for any season. Cuddle up in your hammock on a chilly night and watch the stars or bring it to the beach and kick back with a book while you listen to the waves crash on the shore. This is a gift that is sure to be enjoyed by any nature-loving recipient.

2. Sunflower Garden Grow Kit – $12

  • Sunflowers are a wonderful gift for anyone trying to add some flora to their home decor. Being extremely easy to cultivate and needing little care there is no green thumb necessary to grow this plant.

3. Custom Cookie Cutter – $19.95

  • Want to jazz up your holiday baking? Then this is the gift for you. Have your face branded on all your cookies this year with this custom cookie cutter! You will surely have the best cookies at any holiday party. After all, who wouldn’t love to eat a cookie with your face on it.

4. Custom Dog Mug– $24.55

  • Show the dog-lover in your life how much you care this holiday season and get them a mug with their furry friends face on it. Perfect for any beverage, this custom pet mug will not disappoint.

5. Zodiac Sign Necklace – $24

This necklace is perfect for anyone trying to expand their jewelry collection. Complete with an adorable Zodiac pendant this necklace is a great way to personalize your jewelry.

6. Disposable Camera – $18

  • Make your memories last forever and snap some fun pictures with friends with this Fuji Film Disposable Camera. Capture the moment with your photographs and look back on them for years to come.

7. Stickers/Posters – Prices may vary

  • You can’t go wrong with a cool poster or some fun stickers, so start perusing Red Bubble and find them a poster of their favorite tv show, musician, or film. This gift will surely be a hit. 

8. Water Bottle – Prices may vary

  • Make sure your friends are staying hydrated in the new year and get them a water bottle. Stick with the basics and get your friend a Nalgene or switch it up and get them a filtered water bottle. The Brita water bottle is perfect for anyone living in a dorm.

9. 4- in-1 Wireless Charger – $24.99

  • We all have that one friend whose phone is always dead (it’s me; I’m that friend), so make sure they’re ringing in the new year with a fully charged battery and get them this 4-in-1 charger. Charge your phone, Apple Watch, and Air Pods all at once! What more could you ask for?

10. Cold Brew Coffee Maker – $24.99

  • We all need a caffeine kick, and cold brew is the perfect way to get it. The coffee lover in your life will thank you for helping them save money on all the cold brews they won’t be buying at Starbucks this year.

11. 100 Movie Scratch Off Poster – $15

  • We all have trouble picking a movie now and again. Help your most indecisive of friends with this 100 Movie Scratch Off Poster. With tons of classics, this poster will not disappoint even the pickiest of movie snobs.

12. Godiva Hot Chocolate Set – $19.99

  • You’ve just chosen a movie off of your 100 movie scratch off and your ready to cuddle up on the couch with loved ones for some quality viewing, but what would make this night even better? Adding a cup of hot chocolate, of course. That’s why everyone deserves to receive this Godiva hot chocolate gift set.

13. Journal – $15.22

  • Journaling is a great way to destress and improve mental health. Journals can be used to express emotions, record memories, and organize thoughts. Journals are a great gift to receive, as you can customize them and use them in any way you’d like.

14. Aztec Secret Clay Mask – $10

  •  Get this healing clay mask for the skin care fanatic who has not stopped talking about the product since they saw their favorite influencer use it.

15. Paint By Number – prices vary

  • This paint by number is the perfect way to unwind and put your mind at ease after a long hard holiday season. With options from cities to animals to flowers you are sure to find the perfect painting to give your arts and crafts lover.

16. Aromatherapy Candle – $14.50

  • Were all in need of a self-care moment after the holiday season has got everyone wound up. Gift the smell of relaxation with this stress relief candle.

17. Chia Pet – Prices May Vary

  • Have some fun this holiday season and give a chia pet. This gift might be a bit more niche but with Chia Pets from Bernie Sanders, to Ru Paul, to Baby Yoda, you’re sure to find one that will give even the pickiest of receivers a good chuckle. 

18. Tote Bag – $22

  • Surprise a friend with a tote from their favorite city. Tote bags are very on trend right now and for good reason. They are perfect for everyday use from carrying around your essentials, to using as a grocery bag, this is a gift that any recipient would get ample use out of.

19. Cards Against Humanity – $25

  • Want to give the gift of laughter this holiday season? Then there’s no better gift than Cards Against Humanity. It is the ideal game for those friends who love raunchy humor and are always down for a good laugh with friends.

20. Velvet Throw Blanket – $13.99

  • This throw blanket is perfect for the winter. This blanket will keep you cozy and warm whether you want to curl up on the couch with a movie and coffee or take a midday nap making it the perfect gift as winter weather approaches.

21. Manatea Tea Infuser – $9.90

  • This adorable Manatea Tea Infuser is perfect for the avid tea drinker in your life. Pair this gift with their favorite loose leaf tea to make an amazing gift.

22. Mini Waffle Maker – $12.99

  • This festive mini waffle maker is perfect for your breakfast-loving friend. It’s easy to store, use, and clean, making it the perfect gadget to add to any kitchen.

23. Rubber Duck – Prices Vary

  • If you’ve ever felt the urge to have your favorite celebrity in rubber duck form, then do I have the gift for you! With celeberty ducks and rubber ducks of all different occupations, you are sure to find the perfect gag gift at Ducks in the Window.

24. Bath Bombs – Prices Vary

  • After a hectic year we are all in need of some quality self care. Gift your loved ones bath bombs this year for the perfect destress treat.

25. Lava Lamp – Prices vary

  • If you know someone looking to spice up their home decor then gift them this lava lamp! They will receive so many compliments on this funky lamp.

I hope this list gave you some inspiration for gifts that your friends and family will love. Best of luck to you all this holiday season on your gift shopping ventures. I know it may be hard to shop on a budget, but remember to show your loved ones you care in any way you can this holiday season and they will appreciate it.

Sophomore marketing major at the University of Connecticut
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