22 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day

Happy Earth Day everyone! April 22 marks the day that we celebrate this beautiful planet that we all share: all that it offers us and all we can do to nurture it. 2016 marks the 46th year of “Earth Day,” but you don’t have to wait for the 47th to start celebrating! In honor of April 22,  here are 22 great ways to celebrate this big blue planet that we call home. 

1.     Get Outside – This is probably the best way to celebrate Earth Day, get outside and enjoy the Earth! Leave your phone at home, take a blanket down to Mirror Lake and soak up some sun with your friends (don’t forget your sun screen!)

2.     Check out www.earthday.org - This website is the official spot to learn more about how you can help the planet, and figure out what others are doing around the world to promote environmentalism

3.     Recycle – This seems like a simple enough task that hopefully we all do every day- but recycling helps the planet, de-clutters your space and is simply the right thing to do.

4.     Get a Re-Usable Water Bottle – Another no-brainer, a re-usable water bottle is a simple, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to stay hydrated. Also, since it’s Spring Weekend there may be free ones floating around- be sure to get your wristband and check out the events to find out for sure!

5.     Check out www.worldwildlife.org - This website is a great place to go if you want to learn about endangered species, how you can help wildlife around the world and also to check out some pretty adorable baby animal photos.

6.     Take Shorter Showers – I know, it doesn’t sound fun, but if you reduce your shower time by just 4 minutes every day, you can save 3,650 gallons of water per year! Shorter showers are cost effective as well as environmentally friendly and you actually don't have to wash your hair every day, so long showers may not be necessary after all.

7.     Check Out www.puravidabracelets.com - This website is filled with amazingly cute bracelets that are perfect for summer and go with any outfit. The best part – every bracelet purchase contributes money to different charities, so by clicking the “Enviro Causes” tab, you can buy bracelets that will help to save Dolphins, Orcas, Sea Turtles, or other animals and contribute to environmentally friendly causes!

8.     Watch a Nature Documentary – If you’re feeling like snuggling up in bed tonight with a good movie, try a nature documentary. Netflix has a bunch of choices like: Planet Earth, Life and The Blue Planet if you're in the mood for some amazing wildlife footage; Blackfish and Food, Inc. if you’re looking to spark your passion for an environmental cause and if you just can’t choose one, there’s always Finding Nemo.

9.     Plant a Tree – Get ready to put your green thumb to work and go plant a tree! If you’re interested in physically planting a tree yourself, you can easily do so on your own (or maybe, start with a plant in your dorm), however you can also go online to www.plantabillion.org and donate a small amount of money so that a tree is planted in forests around the world that are suffering. 

10. Name a Star – For a gift that will never be forgotten, check out www.starregistry.com, where you can buy a star! It makes a cute gift for anyone on your list, especially a significant other or a best friend

11. Check out the Google doodles! Look how cute it is!

12. Go to a Farmer’s Market – Farmer’s markets are a fantastic way to support local farmers and artisans and a fun way to spend an afternoon! Check out CT NOFA’s list of local farmer’s markets to find one that’s close to you.

13. Meatless Mondays – You may not realize just how much of an impact that hamburger you’re eating has on the environment, but in reality: “the meat industry is responsible for 20% of the entire world’s greenhouse gas emissions.” Going vegetarian or vegan isn’t realistic for everyone (however, here are some resources if you want to try!) so simply instituting “Meatless Mondays” is a great way to bring down your own consumption of meat and decrease your carbon footprint.

14. Go visit the animals on Horsebarn Hill! – What else is there to say? It’s a beautiful day and there are cute animals involved, it’s a win-win!

15. Go Thrift Shopping – If you think about it, thrift and consignment shopping is simply another form of recycling. Places like Plato’s Closet will offer you cash for your clothes (and they sell younger brands), so if you’re in the mood for some thrift shopping, pack up your old clothes to sell, blast some Macklemore, and come home with some clothes that are new to you!

16. Take a Hike – Get your cardio in and enjoy the scenery around you.  Grab some friends and hit the trails!

17. Participate in a Beach Clean-Up – Beach Clean-ups are fun and very helpful to both wildlife and beach goers. Check out the “Coastal Cleanup” section of www.ctenvironment.org to learn where and how to get involved!

18. Learn About Renewable Energy – Renewable energy is the future, if you’re un-educated as to what renewable energy is and how it helps the environment go online and learn about the importance of keeping it green.

19. Visit a Wildlife Sanctuary – Wildlife sanctuaries are beautiful, peaceful places that provide a home for injured or endangered animals. If the stress of finals is getting to you and you’re looking to escape from it all for a few hours, find your closest wildlife sanctuary and check it out!

20. Walk or Carpool – Simply walking instead of using your car is a fantastic way to stay environmentally friendly. Additionally, try carpooling or public transportation if your destination is too far.

21. Hit the Beach – It’s warm out (finally) and the school year is almost over, get ready to hit the beach with your friends!

22. Hug a tree – Thank a tree, thank the sky, thank the water that comes out of your tap in the morning: realize how fortunate you are to have such a beautiful planet to live on. 

Happy Earth Day Collegiettes!