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Red Roses Heart Cookie
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2022 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you haven’t found a gift for that special someone, whether it be a friend, partner, or relative, then you’re seriously running out of time! However, if you’re anything like me, chocolate is oftentimes a go-to cliche that is not only easy but also not very meaningful. Even worse, some people don’t even like chocolate… crazy, right? Well, the good news is, there are plenty of unique ideas for special, meaningful things to get your valentine this holiday. Chocolate is certainly not the only gift you can get, and depending on your valentine’s likes and interests, you can get them something that will make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable!

PLUSHIES (but not just any)

Another Valentine’s Day cliche always seems to be to bring your valentine the biggest bear you can find at CVS. This year, get creative! Build-A-Bear sells both pink and green frogs for you and your valentine to match. If you’re not a frog fan, the company has a select few Valentine’s Day-themed bears, and they also recently re-released the Hearts Fur You Pup from 2008 to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Hallmark also sells a “Better Together” plush collection; two plushies that stick together by a magnet are perfect for your valentine when the two of you go together like milk and cookies or bacon and eggs!


Personally, flowers always appear to be a beautiful sentiment, especially if the gift giver knows your favorite! However, if you don’t know whether your valentine actually likes carnations or hydrangeas, roses have always been a go-to as the traditional flower for the holiday. From You Flowers is a great source for pre-made bouquets with roses and almost any flower you can name. Some selections come with additional extras, including balloons, candy, plushies, or even customizable vases! If you’re looking to go expensive this Valentine’s Day, Venus Et Fleur is well known for their “Eternity Roses” which last well over a year. If you’re willing to splurge, their collections range from $69 to $549, and you can customize the box, rose colors, and designs!

Baked Goods

Your valentine may not be a chocolate lover, but they may love something homemade, especially if it comes from the sweet tooth in your heart. Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to test your baking skills! Pillsbury Funfetti has two mixes released, one for brownies and one for cakes/cupcakes, as well as pink frosting mix that comes with red and white heart-shaped sprinkles! Get creative- the Pillsbury Baking website has plenty of ways to utilize these mixes with recipes for cookies and cream heart brownies, patterned roll cakes, and milk and cookie cups! If you’re not a fantastic baker, Dunkin’ sells their fan-favorite heart-shaped Brownie Batter and Cupid’s Choice creme-filled donuts during the month of February. Either way, a sweet treat can always complement your Valentine’s Day gifts, whether accompanied by flowers or a locket.


As another gift that varies in price range, jewelry, especially Valentine’s Day-themed, can melt your valentine’s heart more than any chocolate can (especially if they can’t leave the house without a necklace or set of earrings on). Pandora Jewelry has always been a reliable source; their rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and charms for their iconic charm bracelets are always authentic, beautiful, and fitting for the holiday. The new freehand heart necklace and earring set are made of sterling silver and 14k rose gold, and are definitely a festive must for this Valentine’s Day. On a cheaper side, Pura Vida’s Valentine’s Day collection has always been a personal favorite of mine. Their variety of rings and bracelets in gold, rose gold, or silver can be mixed and matched to create unique, festive, and glamorous holiday looks!

This Valentine’s Day, it’s really up to you to get your valentine something they’ll appreciate and cherish. Everyone is different! Not everyone cherishes flowers as much as the next florist, and some people are just not apt toward sweets. If they’re your valentine, my guess is you know them best; the best gifts can simply stem from taking the smallest details about them and adding a touch of thoughtfulness! I’m an avid Converse high-top wearer, and I know I would adore a pair embroidered with red and pink hearts. When it comes to gift-giving, put your time and dedication into the matter and get them something that comes from your heart, not just your pockets or your last minute drive to Walmart. Either way, I hope these ideas inspire and push you in the right direction as you make this Valentine’s Day extra sweet for you and your valentine!

Joan Tejera

U Conn '24

Joan is a junior at the University of Connecticut studying as a Computer Science and Engineering major. In her free time, she loves playing video games, listening to new music (constantly updating her Spotify playlists), and cooking & baking heart shaped things.